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I discovered Fring back in the time when Nokia was the Queen and Lady of mobile telephony. Used it mainly in order to use the Messaging client Hotmail with my friends. It could also establish voice calls between Fring and something very new users was the possibility of configure your SIP service (of payment) to be able to call national fixed or mobile phones or from any country. The application and the service have evolved to the present day and can now even make video calls between 4 friends.

Grouping services into a single application

By the logo of the brand and the interface will see that Fring has a very casual touch, but it nonetheless be a serious application that can compete with any, mostly in antiquity because one could say that it was among the first who undertook the struggle with the manufacturers/operators gain a foothold in the Market for different platforms. Still remember when 2-3 years ago were struggling to enter through the then iOS Installer and how with the passage of time has made it into the different Market.

Like many other applications on services that bring together customers of messaging and/or voice, with Fring It is obligatory to register as a user, but this will help us to that future our accounts are recorded and we don’t have to start logging on each one of them whenever we initiated the application, whatever the mobile.

As we have said allows you to add other messaging clients, the most popular, and some even disused already in many countries, but busy elsewhere, as ICQ. For add services We have to do it within the menu of Settings by clicking on Add-ons.

First and most advisable once installed the application is to make a functional test application testing all available services: text conversations, group video calling, voice, and video calls. In my case, with the Nexus One, has left me make the so-called video test using the rear camera.

In relation to the text talks it behaves normally, although in the same interface It brings together all the contacts without differentiating services, IE not let sort them although if hides which are not connected. When you select a contact not available management options to be able to delete it, mute it or block it. Shows you only the options of available talks to the.

At any time we can press menu options from our phone to access to Switch and follow a conversation in progress.

Voice calls

Very interesting is that with Fring We can carry out free voice calls with other Fring users. As a bonus, with Fring Out We will make calls to fixed or mobile phones worldwide, although these will be payment, but own quite competitive prices compared to the rest of the competition that also offer this service, especially if it is a fixed or mobile telephony operator.

To do this we need to recharge our wallet of Fring directly from your user account. It should be noted that sometimes the audio quality may be a little poor, but it will also assess the consequent savings.

Looking back, Fring was the first application that integrated the possibility of setting up an account of SIP (Start of session protocol) from another company, to take advantage of account and credit we already had with it and continue to do voice calls to landlines and mobile phones with that account. In this way we can use Fring Out fees or SIPs we already had previously (VoIP Buster for example).

Video calls

Fring we can make video calls, but only with the Fring users. This uses proprietary technology DVQ, which establish the quality of the call according to the bandwidth of the operators involved (internet or mobile networks), so adjust the quality of video to make the call smoother between both persons.

Fring promises that this service works also on mobile networks (3g), but obviously the final decision shall take it your operator, which may not make him no grace that you use your data rate to improve what they charge you for a normal call.

As extra, with Fring you can you set Group calls video with up to 4 participants, all users of Fring.


There are many more Messaging applications that follow the same pattern as Fring, except that some are only for text conversations, and those that allow voice calls, they do not allow an external SIP configuration. I think that if you are both essential needs Fring can be your alternative, It is as easy as test and decide, as the application is free and you don’t need to pay to get started using it. I remember that giving new users an initial credit so they tasted it, but for many years I checked which not is if it will continue to so (that someone who register confirm it).

The application is very easy to set up, because it is designed so that any can use it to chat or talk to friends without much knowledge. Perhaps will miss a few more advanced users more experts, controls but they have decided to go to a more general public and ultimately the application works sufficiently and that what matters.

Fring stays in background and we can activate the notifications So let us know when we have sent a message. Can be configured so that it starts each time that we turn our mobile and also can exit the application to avoid the battery consumption unnecessary if not we will meet.

An of the major drawbacks This application is the consumption of memory space base on your mobile, which also does not move to the SD by traditional method, of course that this is becoming a common denominator between applications in the same style (e.g. Skype).

I leave you with the funny promotional video made by Fring (in English)

fring Group Video Calls, Chat Version

  • Version of Android: from 1.5
  • Developer: fring
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free
  • Category: Communication and messaging

Fring is a free application that allows you to set text conversations with friends, also of audio or in a group. You can optionally configure a SIP connection to make calls to fixed or mobile phones by buying credit in Fring or configuring your external SIP service.