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Eating in South Korea

From poor farmland to high technology

South Korea is known as a high-tech country, i.e. a country in which technology plays a major role. Within only two generations, South Korea managed to develop from a poor agricultural state to a successful economic nation. Seoul is the home of technology and important companies are based here.

The economic upswing in South Korea took place at a breathtaking pace. By the way, every second smartphone comes from Korea. Work is very important in Korea, everyone works and almost everywhere. Anyone riding the subway in South Korea sees people with laptops sitting everywhere, using the time to work.

Working life is changing more and more. Often people no longer go to their company because they would have to drive too far, but the company sets up office workplaces for them nearby. They go here every day. Centers with office workplaces are springing up everywhere. Less time for commuting increases work productivity. More flexible working hours are desired.

Blind dates

If you find a boy or a girl interesting, make a date with him or her. Either you find each other very personable and meet again or you just leave it. Such an appointment or “date” is unthinkable in Korea. On the other hand, friends arrange blind dates, which are dates where you don’t even know the other person. Since Koreans have little opportunity to get to know the opposite sex, their parents sometimes organize blind dates with their thirty-year-old sons so that they can finally find a woman to marry. With a lot of luck it will work.

What is everyday family life like in South Korea?

Parents and children hardly see each other during the day because the parents go to work and the children to school, which usually lasts all day, sometimes into the evening. It is rare for families to eat together, but everyone enjoys it when possible.

Eating in South Korea

Food in South Korea

As in so many other Asian countries, rice is the staple food in South Korea. Very often there is also seafood and fish. A popular fish dish is haemultang. It consists of seafood, fish and vegetables. Seaweed is also often found on South Korean plates.

In addition to fish, there are also several popular meat dishes, mainly pork and beef. A very popular one is called bulgogi. To do this, beef strips are marinated and fried in the pan. There are also pasta dishes. For example, there is Japache. These are very special noodles made from sweet potatoes. Beef and vegetables are served with it. The national dish, however, is kimchi. For this, vegetables are pickled. Besides rice, kimchi is part of practically every meal.

Korean rice cake

South Korea cannot be imagined without Tteok РKorean rice cake. It is made from sticky rice and belongs on the table, especially on holidays. The cake is now available in all colors and shapes, sometimes made naturally, sometimes full of flavor enhancers and food coloring. For more information about South Korea and Asia, please visit extrareference.

Lots of rules

If you’ve got a glimpse of South Korea in the meantime, you won’t be surprised that there are so many rules to be followed at the table. Young people in particular should never forget their manners, while the elderly sometimes overlook one or the other offense.

For example, in South Korea you never raise the bowl to your mouth, as in China or Japan. The spoon is used as you probably know it. In addition, older people are always allowed to eat first. In Korea people usually serve themselves from different plates. Also, you only eat with your right hand, not your left hand. There are also many other rules. If you ever travel to South Korea, you should do your research before you try the many delicious dishes at the table.

The food creeps off the plate

Has it ever happened to you that your potato wanted to flee from your plate? No, why should it? It’s not alive. In South Korea, however, it can happen that the meal wants to leave the plate. For example, people in South Korea like to eat squid and preferably fresh. But if the meal has just swum around an aquarium alive, it will still move after the cook has cut it up. A few of the nerves have not yet died and are crawling around.

Here a European visits a restaurant in Seoul with a South Korean friend. Unlike his companion, the tourist is not at all enthusiastic about the food. Can you understand why In any case, it’s not because the food isn’t fresh. Video can contain advertising.

Fresh food

In South Korea you have a lot of water, at least around the country. That is why fish is very common to eat. But you don’t freeze it, you prefer to eat it fresh. When you go to a restaurant, you can often see your future meal swimming around in an aquarium. If you then order the appropriate fish, it is taken out and prepared.

Eating in South Korea