Sony Xperia Z Ultra-There Be Large (Mobile Test)

TEST: Z Ultra is delicious, and has a huge big beautiful screen. The product is good, but the applications are smaller than that of the competitor.

Z Ultra-it was fun to test it!

All that I have met in the test period, have been paralyzed by bewilderment when they’ve seen Sony Xperia Z Ultra. “Is this really a phone” and “It’s not a phone” has been among the most common comments.

It is, of course, the size of 179.4 x 92.2 x 6.5 mm and the 16.3 centimeters (diagonally) big screen that causes reactions and mixed feelings. No matter how you look at it, is 6.4 inch so really a proper plate.

Although it is great, it has also a positive imponator effect, the display quality is something everyone who looks at it, can relate to. Particularly when one screws screen light up, and throw a colorful movie on Netflix, or watch the included HD examples, screen really comes into its own.

As some of Sony’s other models, has this not so good viewing angle, as we have previously seen on modern smartphones.

Waterproof and thin

Z Ultra is with its 6.5 mm entire 1.1 mm thinner than the iPhone 5, as many are aware of the size of. It almost papirstynde layout has not affected the build quality of the phone, which is experienced as really good quite excellent.

The phone is water-and dustproof, in fact more so than Xperia z. Z Ultra IPX5 and IPX8 waterproof, and is IP5X-certified in relation to resistance to dust. In practice, this means that the phone can lounge for 30 minutes at 1.5 meters of water, without taking damage.

Sony’s previous waterproof models have had the plastic flap over the headphone jack, but it has not, since the connector is Ultra Z water secured further inland.

According to the accompanying papers can Xperia Z Ultra used in swimming pool as well as by diving down to 1.5 metres. But salt water, mud, sand and chemicals are excluded. The droll is the note that if the speaker and microphone have been in the water, one should refrain from applying the stuff on your phone using these devices, for three hours after the impact with the water.

There are probably not very many who remember in practice, which of course also want to reduce the value of a waterproof phone, rather strongly.

Wild topspecifikationer

Xperia Z Ultra is a smartphone with some of the absolute best specifications on the market. In relation to what the phones contained just a few years ago, one cannot fail to be impressed.

The processor is Qualcomm Snap dragon 800 with 2.2 GHz quad-core (Krait 400) as well as 330 Adreno GPU. There is 2 GB of RAM, and support for all 3 g and 4 g LTE mobile networks we use in Denmark. 4 g chip is doing, in theory, 150 mbit/s download and 50 mbit/s upload.

In practice, we have measured 25-35 mbit/s via Telia’s network where it went is best, but I am sure that in a late night session well can get much higher.

Moreover, all Wi-Fi standards, also the latest ac mode.

Battery is at 3,050 mAh, and missing nothing compared to Bluetooth (v4.0), GPS (and Glonass), NFC, etc.

The phone has 16 GB of built-in memory, but that can be upgraded further by using a micro-SD card.

Control system for sales beginning is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

More natural colors and more pixels

The big screen at 6.4 inch has the full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels (344 PPI). and it is razor sharp.Sony also argues the special Triluminous with X-Reality mobile engine.

This technique should be able to upscale images and videos, by adding more pixels, as well as giving more natural colors, without compromising hudtoningen on people. Sony would like to have the screen to show the images, such as our memory remembers them.

I don’t really know what I think about the technique, that is to say, whether it is PER-gas or something that actually provide value.

Since Sony unveiled the Xperia Z1 I got a chat with Sony’s Product Marketing Manager, Rikard Skogberg, which explained more about the technique. View the feature here.

But after all, so the screen is really good to look at.

The big screen has in fact done that Android can be used in horizontal mode, by simply placing the device on the side.


Well-known Sony

Sony has their own skin on the Android that works excellent. The changes in the system are elegantly done, without everything will be decked in pastel colors and cartoon icons.

In the latest edition has been introduced an extra menu in the application list. Menu will appear by dragging from right to left, and gives access to the sorting of apps, URf.eks. in accordance with the alphabetical order of their own, or most commonly used. It also opens up the possibility of direct uninstallation.

As in previous versions, I am crazy about the SMS portion is extremely well made. And when you have the whole 6.4 inch, there is a huge oversight when Mms trills into.

The photo album is also quite excellent-good overview and with the possibility of integration of Facebook, Picasa and Flickr into their own directories so that these services are not mixed together with local photos on your phone.

If you have music on your phone, the Sony Walkman application really neat – but in these times, and Spotify is streaming its value sadly diminished. Sony has their own Music Unlimited music service, which is integrated into the Walkman portion – but compared to the customers, who may already have TDC Play, WiMP or Spotity is this, after all, not very usable.

The video player is also absolutely love nice. When it is open showing the constantly small live previews of the videos located on your device – it looks total cool out.

What can the big screen used for?

Movie people are going to love both the screen and the size, and even movies with subtitles is a good experience.

The calendar has enough space for both the monthly bulletin and the day’s events in the same view, so here comes the screen really to his right. Weekly calendar also gives good overview, the same is the case with the mail and internet sites that easily opens in the full desktop versions.

Unfortunately, Xperia Z Ultra the same problems in relation to applications, Android tablets, namely that most are not adapted to large screens, and just be stretched out. So sometimes we sit with the experience of the monitor is still not optimal.

Pencil instead of stylus

Sony has not attached a stylus with Z Ultra, but what makes it, when an ordinary pencil can be used directly on the screen.

When topgardinet pulled down with the tip of a pencil appears the options “new note” and “New sketch”.Notes can be created with text recognition, so one’s scrawl translated to readable font.

Sketch is the Department of creative Freehand drawing in multiple colors, with many pentyper and even the ability to insert images from the gallery and camera, and subsequent draw and write on those. Esa creation can afterwards be sent as mail or shared on social media.

Unfortunately, you can’t keep your hand on the edge of the screen while typing, which is fire irritant.

If you manage to keep the paper quietly, without touching the screen with the hand or fingers, can be made through the battle. It is therefore possible to make notes on a piece of paper placed over the screen, and then you have the text on both screen and paper. The function is brilliant and innovative, but lack the final touch in order to get really good.

Reasonably good camera

Sony is the world’s largest lens manufacturer, so camera technique, they have reasonably good handle on. Xperia has 8 megapixels camera with Ultra Z 16 times digital zoom and the possibility of video recording in Full HD 1080 p.

It performs quite sensibly in the dark and obscure atmosphere, which is also necessary, as there is no fotolyslampe.

On the other hand, stands the weaker for ordinary photos, where I don’t always think that the sharpness is fine, just a little bit when zooming in on the image.

You should be aware that photos in widescreen (16:9) is only 5 megapixels in size. At 8 megapixels-Setup is the images only in 4:3 format.

Reasonable long battery life

Although large screens use more power for Sony, has succeeded in keeping power consumption in a short leash.

The battery at 3,050 mAh comes fine through a day’s work from morning to night, and the special Stamina mode can optimize for more on this.

In particular, the ability to disable mobile data and Wi-Fi when the monitor is off, the counter very positively in the battery company. Below, you can also determine what applications that can retrieve data, bypassing this rule. Pretty slick!

Also the Sony call placement-based Wi-Fi is pretty cool. Here is activated the Wi-Fi function only when the phone is in the vicinity of a known network. In this way, you avoid that Wi-Fi is open all the time, and thus draws on the battery.

So overall, a passable experience of battery life and the possibilities for power management on Xperia Z Ultra.

Is it too big?

Sony’s own survey among users of smart phones with large screens showing that 6 out of 10 respondents would have had an even bigger screen, if it were possible.

However, this does not mean that the Xperia Z Ultra is the right choice for everyone. For it is so huge fierce tackling. The suits either in front or back pocket of jeans, and when you walk around with it, it is just before the people on the street turns around, because it is really unusually.

For me, its too big, but it does not, of course, Z Ultra for a bad product. I’m just not in the phablet-the target audience, but I recognise that particular Samsung has had great success with that drive this product group with their Note-series.

Before you buy, then go into a store and see it live – and rate whether you have the need.

Conclusion: stylish, large and serious nice screen

Sound and picture quality is great on this phone, and the location of the speaker at the bottom instead of at the back, is a really good choice. You get one of the best screen experiences, wrapped up in a nice stylish design.

The size is of course a challenge, but at the same time an advantage. It’s like surfing the internet on a tablet, when websites are opened on Xperia Z Ultra. Addiction is within easy reach.

In the sales package included a discrete Desktop Charger, so the phone can stand on the side and charging, which is stored next to the bed. Great to get a little bonus accessories with.

Sony Z Ultra must compete against Samsung’s Note-products, which I think is hard. Samsung has made much out of the fact that there must be many functions which relate to the stylus and screen – seen in that light, is Sony’s phablet basic just a big phone.

Z Ultra is a great product that feels significantly more delicious than Note II from Samsung, but compared to the category, there is unfortunately less to apply it to, than the Samsung offers.

The price is currently, according to our site, around 5,000 dollars without subscription.

The total rating ends on 5 out of 6 stars.