Sony Xperia Z Ultra-See Test Here

Web TV: Xperia Z Ultra is a very large smartphone, or a small tablet. Here you can view the test.

This may be the phone for film lovers, for 6.4 inch is in Full HD is just a bold screen, to watch Netflix on.

If not watching movies, so it is important to consider whether there are other situations where size can be interesting, otherwise just just have got themselves a too large smartphone.

Sony has their own style on Android, fortunately!There are no pastel colors or cartoon icons, giving a more serious and purely visual layout, there certainly is a feast for the eyes.

Xperia Z Ultra is like Sony’s other new products also water-and dust-proof. As something new is the headset plug is not hidden behind a plastic flap, but completely open all the time. You should not be worried, because the phone remains waterproof.

Sony’s new phablet has its advantages but also disadvantages. Read the big test of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, and came in the above feature close to the product, which has been given the grade 5 out of 6 stars.