Some Chinese Manufacturers of Devices Android Are Concerned by The Issue of Patents

It seems that the subject of the infringement of the patents by HTC will give much to talk about. If yesterday we saw how the ITC recognized that the Taiwanese company had violated two of ten patents that had now claimed the Chinese market has reacted with fear.

According to 21st Century Bussiness Herald some Android devices manufacturers are concerned with the subject of patents since, if later the demand for Apple, the submission of many companies the make the leap to other operating systems to avoid legal problems as that is now having HTC.

For now it seems that the manufacturers they are considering three possibilities: use handle (the latest version of Windows Phone), the promotion of smartphones with operators to protect common interests with other companies and finally to use new operating systems to avoid problems in the future.

It is normal that manufacturers evaluate other options and are ahead of the future since the end of the year, perhaps before, will be what happens with the topic and the topic of software patents. In any case, not all manufacturers are considering this option because they do not consider to have too much weight in the industry and not create companies like Apple to demand them.

Android, licenses and patents are a bigger problem than it seems?

In the original article by 21st Century Business Herald (thanks to Jose for the link) the Middle shows that the problem of patents with Android can be larger than it may seem. According to the medium operating system contains elements that could cause problems with licenses they are owned by other companies.

Perhaps the clash between Apple and HTC has been just the beginning but there are many manufacturers dumps with Android and a drastic solution could be fatal for the economic interests of the companies. We will be attentive to how things unfold because the subject certainly has many issues to be resolved.