Some Bonds Prepaid Internet Mobile Vodafone Increase Its Volume of Data

At the beginning of summer Vodafone launched its new bonds prepaid mobile Internet from computer and now increases the ridiculous volume of data included in the cheapest bonds. Although the included MB is still quite low (and more) if we compare them with the daily rate Simyo these rates may be interesting once consumed the bonus.

The fattened quarterly bonuses available are 150MB for €19, 400MB for €39 and 1GB £ 59 at speed of 1Mbps and with VAT included. If the limit is reached, it will begin to charge 2.90€ / day of use with unlimited traffic at steady speed of 128 Kbps until they reach 3 months from the purchase of the bond.

The monthly fee for unlimited traffic tariff by default (if no deposit bonus is not engaged) and prepaid for €59 €2.90 / 9 Mb up to a maximum of 14.50€ / day are kept the same as when the service was launched in June.

The available in prepaid usb modem No permanence they lowered their price and from September 1 and will be available for €59 the Huawei E220 for €69 Huawei K3520, which will including a basic bonus of 150 MB.

Let us hope that this enlargement of megas included is not only for the prepaid users and be extended also to contracts as rumored to face improved offers of Movistar and Orange.