Smoking in Pregnancy May Cause Strabismus in Baby

The tobacco with few harmful effects for the baby is related to during pregnancy. Since that may cause cleft lip, hyperactivity, behavioral problems, low weight at birth and even Down syndrome, among a long list of conditions. Now also it links it is with Visual problems. In particular, a study says that smoking in pregnancy may cause strabismus in baby.

The findings of the inquiry give to think. Each cigarette that turns on a pregnant woman raises a 5 percent the risk that your baby will develop strabismus, a defect of vision that involves the diversion of the alignment of the eyes, which in severe cases can cause loss of vision.

The study found that pregnant smokers had a 26 percent higher risk of having a baby with strabismus that non-smokers.

This risk is not limited to the first quarter, but extends throughout pregnancy and in fact increases it. During the second quarter the risk rose to 43 percent and in the third to 35 percent.

The amount of cigarettes smoking pregnant women also influences. A consumption of 10 or more cigarettes a day was linked with 90 percent more risk without pregnant lingerie.

Is not known for certain causes of strabismus, but the exposure of the fetus to harmful substances such as tobacco could be one of them to cause changes in the brain in the baby’s development.

Even so, does understand why the majority of smokers do not leave the habit during pregnancy. I understand that it should not be easy, but increasingly more reasons to do so are known. Tobacco and pregnancy are incompatible.