Skype Will No Longer Support Lower Versions to Android 4.0.3

Admittedly, that Microsoft is putting all meat on the spit in Skype, after many years where the changes have been virtually non-existent. We have recently seen the arrival of bots, free group video calling, and interface enhancements. What perhaps we did not see, but I could guess, is the slow transition from a peer-to-peer call based application in the cloud.

This transition is not completed or much less, but is guilty of many of the problems that Skype entails in recent times: messages that arrive late, files that only were sent to be both people online at once… All this will improve when Skype is definitively passed to the cloud, but innovation comes at a price: It costs too much to maintain support for all platforms and versions, that in the case of Skype you are also too.

In a publication on his blog, Skype engineers have spoken of this transition, also announcing minimum versions will continue to be supported. In the case of Android, the minimum version to continue receiving updates will be Android 4.0.3.

In theory, only 2% remains outside

The minimum support for Android is, therefore, rather generous, because according to the latest data from Google, only 2% of mobile phones with Android have a version lower than 4.0.3 (0.1% of them with Froyo, Gingerbread 1.9%). This limitation is similar to that because WhatsApp announced in February of this year, reporting that it would eliminate the compatibility with Android Froyo for new year’s Eve.

We must remember that the end of the support It does not necessarily mean that the application stop working no more, but you will not receive further updates and it will be left to their fate. According to the changes that are made on the platform, it could continue to operate for a while… or not. In the case of Skype, taking into account that are transitioning from direct connection to the cloud, is likely the latter, to stop working sooner that later. There is no date When will officially remove stand

Skypevaria according to the device

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