Seen as Filtering Which of The Two You Prefer, The Nexus 5 X or The Nexus 6 P? Engadget Android Questions

A we are 28 Monday, and if you look good in your safe calendar Tuesday morning you have it marked in red as the day that Google will be presented to the world its new Nexus. Yesterday we did a review of all the specifications that have been filtering of both, and today the question of which of the two you like most is almost mandatory.

Seen as filtering which of the two you like most, the Nexus 5 X or the Nexus 6 p?

Fourteen days ago in our last question of the week I wondered what Wizard preferiríais have on your Android device, Google Now or Cortana. Among the answers, which you yourselves have chosen as the most prominent has been the panafax, which read as follows:

And the option ‘none’ you have forgotten? For attendees Xavi or Iniesta, but an app that tells you the time and reminds you of what you have targeted in the calendar… is not assistance.

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