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Where to buy in Saudi Arabia

How do people in Saudi Arabia live?

In the following video, 16-year-old Lucca is traveling to Saudi Arabia. Normally this would not be possible because unmarried women under the age of 45 are not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia, but their father lives in Riyadh. That’s why she’s allowed to visit him there.

Come with her to buy an abaya in a shopping mall. Lucca gets to know young people in Riyadh and so you learn a lot about life in Saudi Arabia, such as Saudi men’s clothing. What is Schemagh and what is Ghutra?

Accompany Lucca to the Kingdom Tower and take a look at the Riad from above. Go shopping with her and see what is happening in her favorite pastime in Saudi Arabia. What actually happens during prayer time in the mall? And what is it like to eat with a face veil?

Where do boys and girls get to know each other?

If a boy and a girl wanted to meet in Saudi Arabia, it is by no means possible in public. Something like this is only possible within the framework and in the area of ​​the family. This is where they meet, listen to music and deal with each other quite normally. If you fall in love, it must not be shown in any way. Holding hands or even a kiss – that’s not possible.

However, there are now social networks in Saudi Arabia and young people make their acquaintances there. But that is of course not unproblematic, because at some point you want to get to know your counterpart personally and something like that is not that easy, if not impossible in Saudi Arabia. But many no longer want their parents to marry them off, but rather make their own decisions. How quickly changes arrive in reality will be shown by further developments.

Are All People in Saudi Arabia Rich?

Quick answer: not all people are rich there, but there are lots and lots of very rich people. Those who belong to the royal family or who earn their living with oil are rich. These people can afford almost any luxury: expensive cars, jewelry, houses, clothes, etc. But of course not all Saudi Arabians are.

But even the not-so-rich population benefited from the state’s income for many years. Visits to the doctor are free, and benefits secure power. This includes home loans with no interest. Water, electricity and food are supported by the state.

But there are also poor people in Saudi Arabia who live on the outskirts of large cities and only dream of luxury. Then there are the many workers from abroad who do all the work in Saudi Arabia that many do not want to do. For more information about Saudi Arabia and Asia, please visit oxfordastronomy.

Who works in Saudi Arabia?

Many people in Saudi Arabia are so-called guest workers or migrants who are not originally from the country. That is almost a third of all residents. Many live in poor circumstances, are exposed to violence and intimidation, and have no rights. Usually the employer in Saudi Arabia has to vouch for his worker. This disenfranchises the workers, because if someone wants to change his job, he also needs the consent of the employer. They are also not allowed to leave the country again. The situation of women is often particularly bad.

Rich Saudi families, and there are not a few of them, usually have service personnel. This comes from countries such as India, Pakistan, Egypt or the Philippines. The residents do not perform certain activities. Only because of the poor economic situation does something change here. Now Saudis also have to perform activities that previously only the guest workers did.

Where to buy in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia there are many large supermarkets and shopping centers, which are often much larger than ours and in which you can buy (almost) everything. Most importantly, there are also many expensive shops there, such as jewelry shops.

Rich Saudi Arabians like to shop for jewelry. But there are just as expensive fashion stores with all sorts of brands. Household purchases in the supermarket are often done by the domestic staff. Here – similar to America – people buy in XXL versions, i.e. in bulk packs.

Shopping in the market or in small shops

If you don’t have that much money, you have to do the shopping yourself, of course. In addition to the supermarkets, there are other options. If you want, you can also shop in the old town. There are small shops and stores as well as markets where the goods are offered and where you have to trade. This is where the “normal people” shop too.

Where to buy in Saudi Arabia