Samsung Patents a Headset That Can Turn Into “Smart” Necklace

Samsung continues to conceive new ideas and solutions to make the most of the segment of wearable devices, as always, in the beginning it is patents that depict only the sketches of a project not definitive, however, it is always interesting to see what we may hold the future of consumer electronics.

A recent patent filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office reveals a device designed to look like a necklace (both men and women) when not in use, but that can easily be transformedinto a wireless headset to listen to music and play many “smart” features, how to answer calls.

As described by the patent, Samsung would have integrated in a number of sensors (proximity and movement), a microphone, a battery, a power button and a camera, so the user to interact with a variety of functions such as answering a call, simply making some gesturesof the hand, get in front of themost wearable.

With two detachable modules, materials to be used should be extremely flexible in order to facilitate twists and stresses due to step between the headset and the function of simple necklace. Samsung would then mentioned to a fully future-oriented functionality — the ability to materialize holograms and three-dimensional images, using the interference of light.

A device that we won’t see certainly in the short term, provided he can materialize, undergoing maybe some evolutions, before finding a real commercial application.