Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S in the Practice Test

She is smart, handy, well equipped and expensive: the Giorgio Armani-special-edition of the Samsung Galaxy S can in practice fully convince.

  1. Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S in the practice test
  2. Touch screen and software
  3. Samsung & Giorgio Armani: Conclusion

When unpacking it is clear: here, someone wants to impress. The fashion Smartphone is located with the obligatory Pack headset in an elegant box with magnetic closure.

The Smartphone itself can stand out while barely out of the mass of the touch screen phones, but provides with its high-quality housing and some Armani gimmicks yet stir.

So, the material used is at least one class better than the common plastic standard of other smartphones, for the retail price recommended by Samsung of 700 Euro fails properly to beech.

The textured battery cover metal is knarzen free and anchored without clean inside. A cap on the bottom is pushed away first to release the cover from the housing; only then can remove the battery cover and insert the battery and the SIM and memory cards.

Compared to the standard version of the Galaxy S is the Armani version something edgier and dispenses with the trackpad below the screen; otherwise everything remained with HSPA, WI-FI and GPS hardware-side.

Heart of the Armani phones is the 4-inch AMOLED screen that offers really great cinema.

Dconvincing large touch screen right off the bat. It works of course capacitive and offers plenty of space for a concise display with 480 x 800 pixels on a diagonal measurement of 4 inches.

The AMOLED screen responds promptly and without delay to finger touches; the colors are rich and full of contrasts.

Especially in HD videos and high resolution pictures, the screen can play out its strengths and points with a convincing display.

As OS 2.2 Froyo is like in the entire Galaxy product line by Samsung the Google Android operating system used, here in the version.

Samsung own Touchwiz 3.0 interface is the interface between the operating system and users.

On the home screen, a direct link to the website of Giorgio Armani; is located away from the start Promotional videos and a fashion show of the Italian fashion label as a special bonus, are stored in the media gallery.

In addition S ringtones, are specially designed for the Armani version of Galaxy wallpapers and a separate logo for the Menüeiträge provided.

The standard software package was expanded by Android to different applications, about the E-book reader Aldiko, the augmented reality browser Layar and a Notepad.

The application press reader reports only: “Service is coming soon”; the social hub linked only on the mobile browser view of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

It also pre-installed Google Maps brings navigation road trains in the street view view on the screen.

The first impression of the Armani phones so convincing.

The Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S makes a mature and solid first impression. Like not only the exterior, also the inner values are coherent and convincing.

Heart of the Smartphone is the color and contrast AMOLED screen.

In the first few hours with the device, there was little to complain about; Liquid and stable running Android, the Web browser renders even afloat the pages of Wi-FI.

The handy widgets for the home screen easier access to various applications as usual and allow a personal touch of the user.

With nearly 10 mm height and 125 grams, this also also very handy is slim Smartphone.

The full test will show whether the Giorgio Armani special Editon can lay an equally successful laboratory appearance as the “normal” Samsung Galaxy S, read February 04. in the connect issue 03/2011.