Samsung Could Acquire Platform WebOS

Is time of booms for the South Korea telecoms, Thanks to the success in sales of its most franchise service telephone companies. We speak of Samsung and LG, whose mobile phones are beginning to look among the users as one of the best alternatives when choosing a terminal with Android.

On the other side of the pond, HP, After you have purchased to the dying Palm with your system WebOS, can not say the same, as recently threw towel declaring that he did not want to continue to support or marketing its WebOS devices, just 2 months after its official launch. It was in the air that anywhere would have to follow the platform WebOS alive and seems to be that you could end up in the hands of Samsung.

Putting us on the background, Samsung It already has its own operating system, Bada, It has failed to materialize beyond their country with enough force as has done it with Android. On the other hand, LG It has already had in mind to use the platform WebOS years ago, although at the end it not gelled the idea.

Since months ago spread the news that the Government of Korea was to prevail both operators)Samsung and LG) that were launched together in the development of a proper and common operating system. In this way they are independent of Google and its Android. Then he might not have much sense, except for that agreement not published in that Google decides the course of manufacturers who want to work with Android. Now, after the purchase of Motorola Mobility on the part of Google, the cry of the Korean Government resumes with more force.

The first step of Samsung It has been sign to Raymond Wah, former head of HP responsible for the division of PCs, namely someone within the platform as possibly also was aware of the development of WebOS adapted to laptops. Of course, that this It could also be a signing to reinforce their line of portable they are beginning to invade shops around the world.

On the other hand It has been confirmed that HP you’re thinking in Licensing WebOS platform, What joining parts, would lead us to the position that Samsung It could be behind talks with HP to reach a trade agreement, either for sale or license.

What could happen with Android?. Yes the Samsung plans Van focused on a proprietary operating system, it is logical to try to bet by WebOS, Since it is a platform that is more developed and up-to-date than Bada, a team with more experience. Also Samsung has demonstrated with its sales records as she is should manufacture mobile devices, in addition to its own chain of production and even your own processor.

The Council of the Government of his country is leave Android and develop together with LG a joint system, but it’s hard to say goodbye to a platform that has elevated both to the position in which are flatly. On the other hand it would be strange that Samsung It had signed the former developer of the Custom CyanogenMod ROM to not get out. Whatever it is, I think, in General, not it would sound bad WebOS remained alive in the hands of Samsung and LG, but also to not abandon the Android platform. As soon as have more conclusive information about the expose it I.