Samba, Beach & Trekking

Samba, Beach & Trekking

Combine Brazil’s beautiful beaches with fantastic cultural and trekking experiences. The journey takes you to charming Paraty, to a two-day trek to the Ponta Negra, to the paradise island of Ilha Grande, to the stunning Rio de Janeiro and to the impressive waterfalls of the Iguazú River. See themotorcyclers for more about Brazil.

From Scandinavia via Sao Paulo, the journey takes you to the charming coastal town of Paraty. From here you can explore the coast in a kayak or take a cooking class with a local family.
From Paraty you take a two-day hiking trip to the isolated fishing community of Ponta Negra. The tour goes along small paths and via pristine beaches. There is plenty of time to swim and explore the rainforest along the way. In Ponta Negra you will be together with the locals, among other things to go fishing, while the local kids will surely challenge you for a game of football on the beach.

Ilha Grande is the next stop on the journey, a paradise island that offers a variety of activities such as kayaking, trekking, surfing and more. Enjoy the many beautiful beaches or an icy caipirinha in a hammock.

On to delicious Rio de Janeiro. Here we have given you plenty of time to explore the city’s sights, beaches and also paid a visit to a churrascaria, a Brazilian steak house.
The journey ends at the iconic Iguazú waterfall, which consists of 275 waterfalls, some of which are over 80 meters high.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia

You leave Scandinavia and arrive the next day in Sao Paulo.

Day 2: Arrival at Paraty

You land today in Sao Paulo, where you are picked up and taken to the picturesque little town of Paraty, which offers white buildings with colorful exterior doors and cozy cobbled streets. The city is in colonial style and is considered one of the world’s most important examples of Portuguese colonial architecture. Paraty is about a four-hour drive south of Rio de Janeiro. Here you spend the night in one of the city’s charming pousadors.

Day 3: Relaxation and culture in charming Paraty

Spend the day exploring Paraty or taking a kayak trip from Paraty Bay. We can also help arrange a local cooking class in Brazilian dishes. ( F )

Day 4: Trek in Ponta Negra

Today you start your hiking trip to the small fishing community Ponta Negra, a hike off the regular roads. You can only get there via trails or by boat, so here there are very few tourists. After breakfast, meet with your English-speaking guide and take the bus to the town of Laranjeiras. This is where the hiking tour begins, which takes about 3-5 hours depending on your pace and the stops you want to make along the way. You move on small paths through rainforest and pristine beaches. Along the way you can find wildlife, enjoy the many views and take a dip. Upon arrival at Ponta Negra, you will be installed at your pousada and enjoy the evening with the locals. ( F , L , M )

Day 5: Ponta Negra hike and back to Paraty

Enjoy your day in the Ponta Negra and the beautiful surroundings of the city. Together with the guide, you help the locals to fish or perform daily chores. Enjoy a dip in the waterfall outside the city before returning to Paraty by boat and bus. ( F , L )

Day 6: From Paraty to Ilha Grande

Today the journey continues to the tropical island of Ilha Grande. From Paraty there is a booked ferry to Ilha Grande. Your guide will meet you when you arrive in Vila do Abraao, the island’s only city. There are no cars on the island, so you continue on foot to your pousada. Here too we can also help arrange a local cooking course in Brazilian dishes. ( F )

Day 7-8: Relaxation and beach holiday at Ilha Grande

The days are at your disposal. Ilha Grande is a nature reserve with 130 km of coastline and over 100 beaches with plenty of opportunity for a few genuinely relaxing days. Among other things, you can visit the famous Lopes Mendes beach which is known for being one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, take a boat trip around the island, snorkel, trek, kayak, surf and much more. ( F )

Day 9: Ilha Grande to Rio de Janeiro

Enjoy your morning at Ilha Grande before being picked up and driven to your hotel at Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. ( F )

Day 10-11: Discover Rio

Welcome to Rio! This is the city you can not miss on every trip to Brazil. Rio is the country’s second largest city (after Sao Paulo) and offers a variety of wonderful experiences, from Copacabana beach to Corcovado mountain with the large statue of Christ. Do not miss a dinner at a real Brazilian steakhouse, a churrascaria (we can help you with recommendations for some of the best in town). It is possible to buy day trips to make the most of your time in the city: City tour to the city’s most classic highlights, including the Santa Teresa district, the colorful staircase in Selarón and not least the Sugar Loaf and Corcovado. When you are in Rio, it is also well worth a visit to some of the city’s many favela areas. It is a good eye opener with such a tour because it gives you a more nuanced picture of the million city of Rio de Janeiro. You will discover that there is “a city within a city” here. You can also take a bike ride with a local guide to Rio’s sights and beaches. (F )

Day 12: Rio de Janeiro to Iguazú

Today you fly directly to the Iguazú Falls, where you are picked up and taken to your cozy pousada in the city. Here you can enjoy a dip in the pool or explore the city on your own. ( F )

Day 13-14: On an adventure at Iguazu Waterfall

The rushing river Iguazú crosses the state of Paraná in southern Brazil from east to west. A few kilometers before the river Iguazú crosses the river Paraná, it forms one of the most magnificently scenic places in the world, the Iguazú Falls. About three kilometers long and with an average flow of 1750 cubic meters per second, this wonder is located in a very special place, where the contrast between green vegetation and the dark colors of the rocks with water swirling out of the 72 meter high mountain can only be described as magical! In Iguazú there are a total of 275 waterfalls, some of which are over 80 meters high, which means that these waterfalls are wider than Victoria Falls and higher than Niagara Falls. It therefore came as no surprise when UNESCO named the region a World Heritage Site in 1986. The waterfalls were “discovered” originally 1541 by the Spaniard Alvar Nuñez. He called them Saltos de Santa María. The name we use today means “big water” in the tupí-guaraní language. The waterfalls are protected by two national parks, one in Brazil and one in Argentina. The tours take place via paths and footbridges that are adapted to the landscape in the area and here it is easy to hike regardless of age. Guided tours of the complex take place several times a day. The best time of year to visit the place is from August to November. During the rainy season from May to July, there is a risk of flooding that can prevent you from getting close to the falls via the walkways. You have two days on your own. It is possible to buy day trips and bike rides from home or on site. ( It is possible to buy day trips and bike rides from home or on site. (F )

Day 15: Departure from Brazil

It’s time to say “goodbye” to Brazil and set course for Scandinavia. You take yourself to the airport and begin your return journey. ( F )

Day 16: Return to Scandinavia

You arrive in Scandinavia after an eventful trip in fantastic Brazil.

Overnight stays

Three nights at the pousada in Pararty
One night at the pousada in Ponta Negra
Three nights at the pousada at Ilha Grande
Three nights at the tourist class hotel in Rio de Janiero
Three nights at the pousada in Iguazú

Samba, Beach & Trekking