Rumor: HTC Touch HD2 Will Be an Android Terminal

That the Taiwanese company is working on a sequel to its popular HTC Touch HD is no surprise, but if it is one of the major changes that are rumored for this new version, we are talking about your operating system, Android, Thus thickening the powerful range of terminals HTC with Google’s operating system.

Let us remember that in its first generation was elected by Microsoft to be one of the terminals that released Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, and medially is a strong blow to the operating system of the Redmond if the rumor is materialized.

Another change will find it in the processor speed, improving the current, and most terminals HTC currently on the market, since it will feature a Qualcomm chipset to 628 MHz (528 MHz in earlier). Curiously they also comment that this same chipset has been squeezed to 800 MHz in the Samsung Jet.

It is expected to keep the same screen of 3.8 inches and resolution 480 × 800 pixels, although the presence of Android might reach the same capacitive technology, but well all this become too much speculation, so we better hope HTC official information in brief.

It is difficult to speak of this type of information, but I think that the source, Register Hardware, It is quite reliable and declare which are information that have been directly from HTC.