Rumor: HTC Magic Android 2.0 Upgrade during This Semester

Yesterday we discussed that Acer was preparing for the leap from its Liquid to Eclair, and also remember that HTC Hero would also be updated. Now, confirm a solid rumor, HTC Magic users would be added to the candidates to switch to Android 2.0 soon. At least in Austria.

It seems that A1, one of the largest Austrian operators, intends to be the pioneer to update the firmware of the Magic, or at least the first to turn the news. One of their technicians told a customer that your HTC handset would be updated within a few months by the method OTA. But there not just confessions of the technician, also dared to ensure that the dictionary will be updated to Android 2.1 in its network, although it is not known when. Are some of the words of the customer:

I just hang him service my operator (A1). I have been told that is guaranteed that the HTC Magic will be updated to 2.0 via OTA on your network between March and April. They also ensure that it will be updated to Android 2.1, but there is a date fixed for this release.

Obviously, this does not mean that in Spain we have the updates within two months, but gives us a clue of when will fall. Remains to know the fluidity of Eclair in the Magic of Vodafone, a terminal with 192 MB of RAM.