RIM BlackBerry Curve 3 G (9300) in the Test

With new software, new services, and the curve 3 G, the BlackBerry maker fights for market share.

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Long time RIM’s position was comfortable. For most business customers, there was simply their own to call nothing better than a BlackBerry. With a personal-information-quality of management, need not fear comparison with Outlook on your PC, which is forced by poor network quality in the knee, the company from Canada was flawless.

The BlackBerry itself was considered Adelung its user in the status of people who have something to say. And power makes it notoriously sexy. But then, Apple brought the iPhone – and with him, the Californians started hunting to target groups and market share. Only the creative under the self-employed were with the first generation iPhone as a significant group of business users, Apple’s success has continued meanwhile to German airlines in the boardrooms, as she knows to report financial times Germany. And although the company which delivered its one hundred millionth BlackBerry in the first quarter of 2010, writes still shining figures, analysts for the future demand more innovative strength.

As regards new products, in any case, exceptionally active RIM shows can be found in recent months. Whether it concerns the longer advertised new operating system, which debuts in the United States in the BlackBerry torch now, whether the very useful service BlackBerry protect or to a new version of the BlackBerry Enterprise and BlackBerry Enterprise Express Server – increases the attractiveness of its products RIM.

This also applies to the so-called bread and butter goods, about the now presented new version of the curve. The curve 3 G 9300 is the third incarnation of this business Smartphones that are positioned in the middle. Who now expect that he already uses OS such as the torch on the new BlackBerry 6, feels disappointed. An update should be out in the next few months unless it receives the necessary certification by the responsible network operators.

The curve 3 G with the familiar user interface comes in so long. Visually too little compared to the predecessor has changed. In the dimensions and the weight of the two on the millimetre and gram are close together. Is the new boy from his predecessor from the front now gummed by the chromed surround of the front and from the rear by a indistinguishable acting battery cover. We had criticized his plastikhaften predecessor as inappropriate to the rubberized frame. Now, the mix of materials is consistent.

User surface for productive

Remained the same is also the user interface: the bright display shall continue to settle over 320 x 240 pixels. That is sufficient for reading and writing email. It restricts the usage as a surf machine but equally as the suitability for the machining of complex Office documents. After all, the browser has in conjunction with the instead of the usual navigation button of used small trackpad very intelligent zoom and offload. So come to surfers with some overhead on complex sites of the necessary information.

Contributes to the success also, that text input at the ergonomic keyboard naturally takes place at a high level. Even if a bold or bold 9700 because of its size is more comfortable, the most touch screen smartphone users from the comfort of the curve solution can only dream. The curve 3 G so is up to its reputation as a mail machine, which the post is not only read, but liked immediately answered.


In the sending and receiving of data traditionally highly compressed for RIM is here even faster than with its predecessor, because of course the new, as its name suggests, the fixed networks of the third generation. 3 G Internet videos that are open to the curve. He had no problems to show YouTube streams, but the fun will keep in the face of the 2.5-inch displays in borders.

Music playback is one of the long time the strengths of BlackBerrys. Whether Bluetooth with A2DP profile to control stereo wireless headphones or 3.5-millimeter Jack for compatibility with high-quality wire-bound eavesdroppers – on the curve find connection. Moreover, the 3 G benefits of control buttons to play, pause, and track on the frame above the display. The recently introduced keyguard button had to yield the, to which many BlackBerry users had probably just accustomed. Why RIM so often makes changes at a central control function, remains a mystery. Even more so than Canadians in other areas with much success the operation as easy as possible fashion.

The luxurious facilities of the music player is in the camera Department unfortunately no continued – pictures shoots also the curve 3 G only with meager 2 mega pixels. But this is the only honest mauen image quality of many megapixel giant.

A lot easier can be the the curve 3 G’s built-in GPS receiver, which enables quick orientation about BlackBerry maps. In the eyes of many curve users, that might be even a better argument for the 3 G as the faster mobile radio interface. With satellite navigation for smartphones can be viewed also almost as a matter of course.

This applies with a few off took the memory card socket in the common MicroSD(HC)-Format, sitting here under the battery cover. But don’t worry, to change the curve must be turned off. Built-in memory offers approximately 100 megabytes of 3 G as its predecessor. The clock frequency of the processor has risen by about 20 percent, while its previous offered a high reaction speed.


The BlackBerry Curve 3 G is probably just a small item, with the RIM builds their own future. As an introduction to the business class, he is important. The slight facelift has done him well, in particular GPS was really missing the predecessor. It is regrettable that RIM has not the launch with BlackBerry 6 OS. Because that will pave the way in the future significantly.

RIM speaks of a Visual, fluid interface for the new operating system. The home screen like that clear, which is divided into the area with the application icons in five sections can be changed between those such as touchscreen smartphones by wiping. This “All” are “Favorites”, “Media”, “Downloads”, and sorted by frequency of use applications available.

This, RIM has introduced still context menus that are called by long pressing on the trackpad or touchscreen. Here are the most commonly used functions of the currently active menu or the running application available. The BlackBerry button competent so far in many, but not all areas for should now serve the control of multitasking. You shows a taskbar with all currently active applications. A search feature called universal search offers the torch not only to search on the Internet. The new WebKit-based browser is used on the Web. It is designed to provide about tabs, which you can invoke multiple Web pages at the same time.

Texts of Web pages in a column you want to can also arrange. The function could provide a lot reading easier for complicated designed pages. It is a win for smartphones with their small, low-resolution displays safely. In social media, RIM also tracks the trend towards the aggregation of information from a variety of sources. In addition updates can be sent here too at the same time on different networks.

RIM has built out according to own statements the multimedia capabilities of its operating system, approximately in sync with iTunes and Windows Media Player. This, in particular via WiFi wireless access to the media files that are managed under these two systems on the machine should be possible. But even if the user interface of the internal camera and manage the pictures RIM promises significant advances.

As the first Smartphone supplied direct from the factory with BlackBerry 6, the already available in America torch is expected later this year in Germany. In principle also the bold 9700, bold 9650, and Pearl models should receive in addition to the presented curve 3 G an operating system update 3 G. But according to RIM that remains subject to passing certification of network operators.

A large, high-resolution screen, as the storm’s touchscreen model has him, has undoubted advantages. But on a BlackBerry, it must be fun to write emails. And that includes a mechanical QWERTY keyboard for most smartphone users. With the torch, RIM wants to bring for the first time both requirements under a hat.

The display is neatly laid out with a 3.2 inch diagonal and 480 x 320 pixels. Behind the display, a sliding keyboard in portrait mode is arranged. So the torch boasts generosity at the user-interface – he has ahead still just the size of the figure a bold 9700 equipped also with keyboard, in the resolution, the more conventional model of same House holds with. With the torch in the operation is not alone on the keyboard:

The display is designed as a capacitive, say touch-sensitive touch screen. But located on the probably most curious is the new operating system of the torch, which RIM usability speaks to at the highest level. The torch is available in the United States, to Europe, have him come 2010.

The network operators offer the BlackBerry service and special rates for business customers, which are to book at a run rate. The D-power giant Telecom and Vodafone have several quotes at the start: there is an offer for Wenig -, normal, and frequent users. Deutsche Telekom is usually cheaper than Vodafone in the cut. But for the Duesseldorf show up in the most expensive email connect offer “fair flat national” accommodating: only when the inclusive volume is exceeded in two consecutive months, drops the subsequent price of 2.27 euros per MB. The E-network operators have instead of providing affordable data flats for their business email users rate diversity – it may be the customer just right. For the use of foreign, Deutsche Telekom with volume packages is best equipped for different countries.



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