Retrieve The Line after Pregnancy, with Patience

After 9 months of pregnancy women yearn to recover your body and physical state before, however, it is possible recover the line after pregnancy, We should do it with patience, Since the time of delivery does not determine a total turn of page, but that the body requires some time to return to normal metabolic and hormonal.

Thus, it is not advisable to begin with a diet or strenuous exercise immediately after birth, but it must first pass the time of lactation to restrict our food and to resume exercise always need medical authorization prior .

Without strict regimes, the body can recover his usual weight last 6 months approximately finish nursing, Although to retrieve the perimeter of waist that is possessed prior to pregnancy can require up to one year.

Young women take less to recover and these times can be reduced, likewise, is easier to recover the line after pregnancy for those women who did not have a notable increase in weight during the gestation and that they be fed healthily.

If the increase in weight was over and if the power was not appropriate, some changes, e.g., reduce the simple sugars, consume more fruits and vegetables, limiting fat and choose fat bodies of quality, among others can be incorporated after the birth.

In conclusion, it is important to know that recover the line after pregnancy It is possible, but we must not despair, because we could place at risk the maternal health as well as the baby. Then, we know that the best thing to do is to deal with this process, with patience.