RC Toys: the new ProDrone Walkera 320

Walkera is back with a new sexy little racing car, with a claimed top speed of 120kmph. (about 80 mph).


The new corridor of 320 size is build around a new cool trick, articulated engines, rotating forward as you give the quad more stick, the result is that the level of stay body quad and aerodynamics instead of leaning 45 degrees as they do normally. This trick to reduce friction and creates for faster acceleration.


Please click on a look more closely the new quad, and thoughts about what works and what not do.

Note: I’m still editing and adding pictures to this post 🙂 more to come.

Also the full video unbox review will be posted on this page as soon as your list.


At first glance, the new 320 quad has a striking profile, arched over and around the battery Bay, the main structure is the two CF side tables of 2 mm. The CES is located in the panels in the side of the body of four, with easy cables of the engine accessible. camera is in the narrow nose. Even in the back to find the VTX antenna and the folding two antennas link control. Check Behealthybytomorrow for other RC toys.



The arms are tubes CF, that will feel in a receiver round that allows them arms to turn. There is a servo in the interior of the body that literally turn them arms to front, to back to the move the stick of the step towards forward and towards back. sounds complicated, however, in the flight of its practically transparent and that even is dan has of the arms rotate… What is dan has is that the image of video in their glasses of stay is level even if is you da stick back difficult of brake for a shift. It feels almost as you is flying a quad with a camera of step stabilized.