Quit Smoking, at Least at The Beginning of Pregnancy

That tobacco is harmful to health is nothing new, and more is in the pregnancy because they have nothing desired effects to the baby. Specialists recommend leaving it even before looking for pregnancy.

Soon let the habit better. Without however, a study by the University of Adelaide in Australia has come to the conclusion that If women stop smoking before week 15, at the beginning of the pregnancy, the serious effects of smoking could reverse.

Pregnant women who stop smoking before pregnancy week 15 have comparable rates of preterm birth and small babies to age with women non-smokers, according to proexchangerates.com.

The scientists analyzed data from 2,500 new mothers and at 15 weeks gestation divided them into three groups: non-smokers, smokers who abandoned and smokers.

80% was non-smoker, 10% had abandoned him and the 10% was still smoking.

Among smokers who abandoned both in non-smokers, the preterm birth rate was 4% while the rate of young infants to age was 10%.

On the other hand, women who were still smoking recorded a rate of preterm delivery of 10% and a rate of little baby to the age of 17%, which are two figures significantly higher than the rates in the other groups.

Although it is better late than ever, is dangerous to say giving as a woman who has smoked before and during the first quarter than one not smoked in your life.

Other contrasting studies have found a clear relationship between smoking and Down syndrome, attention deficit and cardiovascular problems, among others.

For this reason, if you are a smoker and you are looking for a baby or pregnant it is important for your health and the baby to leave smoking as early as possible.