QR Code Reaches the O Globo Newspaper

The next time you open your newspaper, also made ​​of paper, you may bump into an emblem as the next image. The QR Code, known to many geeks who read the our site, made ​​his debut in the middle printed last week. Legend has it that The Globe, daily my Rio de Janeiro, is the first jornalão in Brazil to adopt this form to provide additional information.

As in the account Teletime News, the first newspaper QR Code was presented on Friday Edition (05). The savings book, the reader could point the camera of the smartphone to the 2D code in order to be taken to a story published in the O Globo website.

The idea is to provide additional information, which would not fit in the print edition of the publication. As the Internet there are no limits for the publication of texts, is it that the texts extras are presented.

The QR code serves as a barcode. Read the right way, can display messages or lead users to certain URLs To do so, you have to have one. Smartphones with camera and an application to scan the code – some devices Android have app for that factory.

This is not the first time that a printed journalistic vehicle uses graphic codes to display additional content. The magazine Galileo also the Globo group, adopted the BeeTaggs a while. To use the feature, you need to install a specific app to read this type of tag. A setback, in my view, given that the QR Codes are much more widespread.