Qik Video Connect, Complete Suite to Make Video Calls or Create Live Video Sessions

Qik started as a mobile application that could create sessions of live video. Web people could follow your emissions, and thanks to the messaging application could interact video transmitter and the people who were watching it. After the session video was hosting on their servers as it happens with YouTube or Vimeo.

At the beginning of year Qik was bought by Skype and joined the experiences and resources of both, which have resulted in the current ‘suite’ Qik Video Connect that user experience and its possibilities have been expanded.

Video Chat

With Video Chat)1) have managed to make Qik in an application to make type VoIP calls but also with the possibility of adding video. Pass using this service before you will have to validate your mobile phone number auto-enviando you an SMS containing an activation URL. Already confirmed will give you access to all your address book to call other users)7), with the possibility of filtering and leave only those who are for video call.

Another possibility is to call by the name of Qik user)8). In order to avoid receiving unwanted calls can disable this possibility in the privacy () options9) which you can find through the Setup menu)5).

Once established a video call, if your mobile phone has two cameras, we can swap that the other person by clicking on the camera icon () will see10) or in any case leave that our part of the call is only audio)11).


Record)2) it is the old/original of Qik, with which we can make our video recordings and share them with the rest, all live totally transparent to the user and without any complications. Those interested to follow the only issue you have to access through the web to the url of the user or in the search engine of the same. Our recordings are stored on the servers of Qik and subsequently can be see on its website and within the space of each user.

From record we can make our broadcast live or record it and then upload it to our web space of Qik. The difference is obviously the feedback from people who are following you at that moment, so you decices what your status before you start)13).

You can then generate audience filters, by accessing the privacy)14) you can make your recording, either live or delayed, public or private)18) or even to decide if it will be only available in your area by geolocation.

Also we can warn our friends so they know that we have started a new recording)15). You can set this friends list also in the menu of sharing)17-19). To announce the event during the broadcast also we can make it through this menu)15).

Configured and decided everything only have to start recording)12) and then will show us all the process information. To the end by pressing the same button is derived to the final Edition section. In this part, if for example, we recorded the video offline, we can decide if we delete it or the level of privacy)17). Can also be when deciding which network to publish it)16).

Video Mail

The goal of Video Mail)3) it is to be able to send video messages to our Qik network contacts. The application detects whether a user has their number validated with Qik, so you can put your name Qik user or phone number. On the main screen you have a basic interface of a messaging client. You can search your recordings Qik online gallery)21) to look for a video to send or make a recording at that time)20).

Note that in this mode you can also record on your phone to then send it to the Qik servers or make the recording live direct to your private space)22). Once chosen the video or recorded only you have to fill in the data as we have already mentioned)23) and send it or delete it. The good thing is that with this visual messaging system you only need an internet connection and a mobile camera to give a different touch to your messages.


In Gallery)4) is where we will have access to our online Qik account. Here we can review my Videos)24), are those who have uploaded to our account but also those who have stored in the Gallery of our mobile. In this way you can upload to Qik videos do not necessarily with the application)26), so share it as it can be on YouTube or Vimeo.

Like when we do the live recording, we can decide the privacy and in which social networks will announce our ascent)27). We can see how in the screenshot is being circulated to upload 2 videos stored on the SD card from the mobile)28), also showing the level of privacy.

On the Feed tab)25) is where we have access to the network from users of Qik to which we have added, everything in the timeline also including ours. We can visualize ourselves and add and view comments from them.

Finally I leave you with a video, in English, made by the people of Qik, where gives a brief review the functioning of this new/updated application.


We see that the Qik has evolved enough with respect to the previous version, probably thanks to the feedback with Skype. I know that fluency in the video calls are still a little green, but it is a great start. Tolo else have improved with respect to the previous version. The live video social network remains the same, except that it also improved the service on the web.

One of the major problems that we have with this application is that it occupies almost 11 MB of memory based on your Android. For me this is more than enough to rethink its use, because it will leave you your Android to the edge or in a constant situation of lack of memory. This is a bug that we’re seeing in many applications of this volume and becomes clear, when deciding if you really deserve the sacrifice because it is fundamental for us. Let us hope that in future versions they solve this problem or diminish its memory consumption.

To avoid future scares on the invoice from our mobile, must bear in mind that we must have flat rate data plan to use this service or to do so through a WiFi connection, because the broadcast of live video consumes bandwidth and can Polish your data plan if you don’t control it.

I have another mobile with Android 2.1 but blocked by a mobile operator and not has left me to download the application, but does not appear in the Market. I suppose that if you have a mobile phone in the same conditions surely you can not download it, because they just want to avoid that you use VoIP or video service called. In any case tell us your situation to collate it with more users. For those who can use this application and make video calls, to see if you can comment that it works you and what connection you have.

Qik Video Connect Version 0.08.27

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Qik Inc.
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free
  • Category: Communication and messaging

Qik Video Connect: staying connected via video chat, video mail and video sharing. Qik is a product of Skype.