Practical Test: Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8 Practical Test: Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8

Sony Ericsson presents an Android Smartphone at an attractive price, that visually makes a lot here thanks to fashionable cover and change covers.

Sony Ericsson continuously expands its Android-based Xperia series. The latest model is the X 8 for cheap 219 euros, the is of the dimensions between the X 10 and X 10 mini files.

Already the supplied removable cover in five colour variants show that the Smartphone should approach the lifestyle fan rather than the business type that. Like the 3-inch display with a brilliant display, the resolution is 320 x 480 pixels for the size right. You can with a good browser on the Web easily surf or typing messages using the expandable QWERTY keyboard. Overall the operation works well only the pressure points of the keys placed below the display could be pronounced.

Successful user interface

The X 8 works with the even older version of Android 1.6, Sony Ericsson promises an update to version 2.1 but by the end of the year. The Android interface Sony Ericsson its in-house surface called UX has placed over, the better, because less cluttered impression than the Android original. So the main menu in multiple levels is divided the icon with its user-configurable speed dial buttons at the corners of the display flexible.

The standby indicator accommodates flat on its four widgets and the Sony Ericsson Ericsson specialty time scape, works the gathering place for news and social network such as Facebook or Twitter. The equipment is given the very favourable price in order.

So the X has the connectivity package typical for Android smartphones consisting of 8 for HSPA, WI-FI and GPS. The latter has the Smartphone not only the free Google navigation, but also a 30-day trial of Wisepilot on board.

The range of functions you can extend as usual via the Android market. A simple 3.2-megapixel camera takes snapshots, are responsible for the good sound the FM radio and the ordinary music player.

The 104 grams light Xperia X 8 measures 99 x 54 x 15 mm.