Practical Test: HTC Mozart 7

With Windows phone 7, chic aluminium housing and a compelling camera, the HTC 7 Mozart has the makings of a classic.

  1. Practical test: HTC Mozart 7
  2. Service and facilities
  3. Camera and conclusion

Deutsche Telekom, which away wanted to secure a possible large piece of the pie is from the start that the Taiwanese understand their craft is known – also at the long-standing distribution partner: the HTC 7 Mozart is available here exclusively at the Magentafarbenen.

Convinced by the grab quality of the HTC Mozart 7 partially made of aluminum. The manufacturer has decorated the back side of the housing with two different sizes, but evenly curved and soft rubber caps make beautiful handy and easy to grip the device together with the slightly Waisted alumumum. The replaceable battery and the underlying SIM card slot are exposed when pushing out the lower cover Cap.

One will not find but a slot for MicroSD cards, because the new Windows phone models for the time being do not support expandable memory cards. For this, the internal memory in our test device with a capacity of approximately 16 gigabytes was quite lush and dimensioned for the most claims.

The three buttons “Back”, “Home screen” and “Search” below the screen are common distinguishing feature of the new Windows based device. HTC has carried out these as the touch sensor buttons, which give a short vibration feedback when pressed. Visually they look indeed very elegant, as compared to the mechanical push-buttons the sensor keys are significantly more prone to mistakes.

So also when the screen lock, and the standby screen as a window shade simple upwards pushed away is the new Windows operating system shows his face.

Microsoft has adopted completely by his old concept which is obviously good for the thing. With animated program shortcuts in square and rectangular form, which can be placed, moved by simple finger gestures according to preferences or removed, the new surface is easily and intuitively easy to use.

Among the standard features mingle even HTC and Telecom-specific features such as the “HTC hub”, the weather forecasts in addition to cute animated holds a small selection of downloadable apps. Deutsche Telekom also lists their top apps in an own view and also offers their customers a free over the entire contract term navigation solution of a NAVIGON.

Friends of the Microsoft Xbox game console will be pleased with their live connection to the Mozart, because so they and prisoners on the console games with the Smartphone can continue.

However, you have to live in the moment when the Windows phones with some restrictions: we have already mentioned the missing slot for memory cards. Also the local synchronization with Outlook or to connect of a laptop via the Smartphone on the way to get into the Internet (tethering) are not (yet) possible. Also a copy-on-paste support is missing. Here, however, Microsoft wants to retrofit via software update.

The camera starts either via the main menu or by pressing the release button on the side of the case and has a variety of options, for example, different scenarios and effects for sports or landscapes. By gently pressing of the two-stage camera button, activates the auto focus and the targeted object focused before the picture is taken by completely pressing through.

Convince the captured photos: the colors are natural and are fed up and clean, only the depth could be a total slightly better. All-in-all the camera for a recording device fitted in the phone is outstanding and makes it far more possible as undemanding Fun snips.

HTC 7 Mozart has a real gun in the portfolio, which convinces especially as mobile multimedia station. The strict requirements in terms of hardware that Microsoft imposed on the new Windows phones 7 hasn’t hurt sure the HTC Mozart. In particular the powerful user interface with snappier overall performance are the great advantage of the Mozart 7.