Practical Test: HTC 7 Trophy

In addition to the Mozart, HTC in the trophy offers an another Windows phone 7 Smartphone. The Vodafone model is not quite as elegant, sure but cheaper.

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The trophy is a very robust and stable impression and is balanced in the hand. The design, like with an impeccable processing of materials: All components fit together clean and although the housing consists of assembled parts, of a cohesive impression thanks to the well-tuned transitions.

In addition the soft rubberized coat, which wraps the body and makes it easy to grip and largely non-slip the Smartphone. In comparison to the more noble appearance of HTC 7 Mozart the trophy is conventional, but the grab quality is also excellent. The unit measures approximately 119 x 62 x 12 mm and weighs 140 grams.

Inside the pulses a 1 gigahertz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, which together with 576 MB RAM on the new Windows operating system is perfectly set and allows a high operating comfort without annoying jerks or halt the operating system.

The virtual QWERTY keyboard is displayed, entering text in vertical alignment succeeds amazingly fast and precisely.

Also multitouch gestures, such as when the two finger zoom in on documents or Web pages, are implemented without delay. In addition, is sufficiently bright display and can display crisp-sharp, intense colour and high contrast content.

The exclusive rights for the HTC trophy 7 has in Germany, Vodafone is secured and accordingly extends the software offerings with the own service Vodafone 360 for the individual contacts of several friends from the various networks.

Also the hardware manufacturer has added their own allowances and offers the “HTC hub” not only a nice animated weather service, but also a range of additional tools, for example, a chic and slightly playful memo.

In addition, the new Microsoft operating system of course even with a wide range of pre-installed software waits, for example, with the direct link to the Microsoft’s own Xbox game console or the multimedia Portal Zune. Who stands out for the individual soft tuning directly from the Smartphone accessible online Web shop marketplace responsible, which has currently to a still quite manageable app offer that but is expected to grow in the near future.

The images captured with maximum of 5 megapixels, the camera records images with a rather soft contrast. The focus range is much smaller and the images are not as brilliant as in the Mozart.

Here, too, the colour reproduction is overall very neat, but that allows something maue sharpness only better snapshots. The trigger two stage works, he is the target object when you first press hot and takes the picture only when pressed by.

A small light-emitting diode serves as a Flash replacement for shooting in darker environments, also the user from the options menu has the possibility to set the camera to special lighting conditions beforehand.

Mobile network is about HSPA 7.2 Mbit / s downstream. Wi-FI is on board and supports next to the b and g – the very fast n-standard. When Bluetooth is how many of the very latest standard (3.0) rather than the mature version 2.1 + EDR. You can also navigate with your Smartphone or mistake can pictures and social networking messages with geo-tags, a (A) GPS receiver is installed. Also a digital compass can be found in the device. As (cable) connections to the outside world, there’s a Microusb and a 3.5 mm jack for audio.

With a price of around 480 euros, it is around 30 euros cheaper than the HTC 7 Mozart from. Overall, the trophy makes a sophisticated impression and provides plenty multimedia qualities in addition to a solid.