Practical Test: Emporia Solid

The emporia solid is aimed at active people who are looking for an uncomplicated phone with stoically.

Who operates in wind and weather out there, who like to bike or ski runs, for a slightly more robust mobile phone could be the right choice. Also in the garden and workshops a mobile phone with stoically is in demand. Exactly this is the model of Emporia solid thought. It is virtually indestructible, comes in a twelve screwed housing and surely lies in the hand thanks to a rubberized frame.

The also rubberized battery door is secured it with two screws which open with a coin. On top of that, the mobile is explicitly protected from shocks, dust and splashing water. The cover over the self-luminous display is particularly tough and protects it from scratches. To transport the mobile flexible, the manufacturer offers a carrying strap as accessory that can be attached to all four corners of the unit by bayonet.

Powerful speakers

Of course, the hard shell has consequences for size and weight: this solid weighs 135 grams, with a size of 120 x 59 x 19 mm’s fits but Not still in the Pocket. Especially loud ring tones, as well as a strong vibration alert make sure that calls are not unheard almost audible.

As is true for all models of Emporia: they are aimed especially at older people who want to call with their mobile phone and send short messages. Accordingly, the mobile offers only a monochrome OLED display 160 x 128 pixels, which brings to view text in easily readable size.

The basic equipment Emporia supplemented with practical tools: as a powerful LED turn on a page button sits on top of the housing – so that the phone can be used simply as a flashlight. To get a calculator, an alarm clock with snooze function, as well as a reminder for birthdays.

As a special highlight that allows contacts by SMS solid like all other models from emporia to receive. The mobile phone receives a short message with the contents of #Name#Nummer#, a new address book entry is created automatically. So, friends or the dear relatives can enter their numbers from a distance in the address book. In addition, the five most important contacts can be put at the beginning of the phone book.

As with creating new contacts mobile newcomers often do poorly. Although mostly a helper who can do this job can be found in the family environment or circle of acquaintances — but which is not always on the spot. With this remote control, he can help virtually now even from afar. Who is uncomfortable with this remote control, which can also disable the feature or set so that only contacts that have already been entered in the phone book, create new address book entries via SMS.

Not only for seniors

The operation is very simple. Some features such as the dispatch or the wake-up call page buttons. The menu is appropriately simple. And who needs help, for example, in the settings menu, but has not always the simple operating instructions at hand, can show a descriptive help texts to each menu item.

The robust solid can be interesting for athletes or craftsmen with the large keyboard, which can be operated with gloves. Mobile phone should cost about 150 euros without a contract and come up at the end of the year on the market.