Power Yoga, Higher Intensity and Dynamism in The World of Yoga

The Yoga It has been introducing progressive updates, which have led to new styles and intensity so each user can choose what practice according to your needs.

The Power Yoga It is a Yoga with greater intensity and dynamism that produces a higher expenditure of calories Since their positions require greater force to sustain the body and a great work of arms.

In a style similar to the ashtanga Yoga, but in this case, the Power Yoga consists of exercises that resemble more a acrobatic postures at a gymnastics peaceful and purely relaxing as it is classical Yoga wearing pregnant clothing.

This style of Yoga combines coordination, posture and breathing, allowing to combine movement with a fluid rhythm that produces internal heat and facilitates the Detox body.

The positions are a good way to increase the muscle strength at the same time, burn calories and keep a healthy mind and body.

Power Yoga, due to his innovative rhythm and style, may be more attractive to other users or public. I.e. not only can be chosen by adults or older women, but also by young people and men seeking a more intense activity that maintains its shape, its flexibility and its coordination.