Pioneer AVIC-F9210B

More reality than illusion: The pioneer is optically slightly – see all its inner values.

Pioneer presents a slippery external device with his VW Navi AVIC-F9210BT (1199 euro). Just eight buttons and a DVD drive and a slot for SD cards are decorated with the very plain-front.

More, there is first of all not to explore. Experience shows however that await you with a sophisticated and at the same time send control interface pioneer Naviceiver – also the new VW AVIC is no exception. The journey of discovery at the pioneer goes therefore only when used on four wheels.

Watch, play, Marvel

The main menu offers three options the VW-driver: navigation, telephone and the selection of audio and video source. Pioneer also relies on Parrot as suppliers for its integrated Bluetooth hands-free kit.

The phone menu opens only to the coupling of the own mobile phones via Bluetooth. Number on the dial pad can then be type and call contacts from the phone book.

SMS received or read is not possible. Type unknown numbers target assets is also needed, because the numbers have got just a little too small for the operation in the car.

The radio part of the pioneer AVIC F9210BT provides six memory slots for radio stations. The radio menu can tolerate a little larger keys, because as the buttons for the settings and the equalizer can be difficult meet – they are also somewhat small.

A problem for which the screen size also responsible: The pioneer AVIC F9210BT screen measures only 6.1 inches. The competition, one often finds products with 6.5 – or even 7-inch displays.

But size and or – in the menu design has settled visibly pioneer in the stuff. Switching between the channels list and the view of the current radio station is almost with iPhone charm.

Owners of the iPhone and an iPod touch should be already happy with the pioneer: simply super succeeded in controlling these Apple devices on the AVIC-F9210BT. The playlists are only just displayed, but you can the albums cover any fast high- and runterschubsen. The same applies to artists and albums.

Via A2DP and the already connected phone, the VW driver can conjure up music on his car boxes.

You must dive in the depths of the Naviceivers but not always, to move to the desired menu item. Pressing the home button in the main menu again, you can prove the underlying layer with as many links.

It turns it on the touch screen to the desired icon and shoves it with your finger just in the right place – ready. This playful task quickly becomes addictive, and so the once unbefüllte short selection screen quickly bursts seams. It is also useful when using that almost all the used icons are self-explanatory, and you don’t have to guess what could be behind so everything a pretty icon.

To the destination, please!

To get to the navigation, you simply type on the “Destination” icon on the home screen and it is short for entry. The map material includes 44 European countries. Who would like to save yourself the step beyond the destination input, you can save the individual points as a speed dial key is. Entering new goals bailouts, although quite quickly thanks to a short reaction time to the input, input is complicated but by the missing letter suppression and venue selection. Here, pioneer could attach the knife to a little cosmetic surgery.

Otherwise, the input of POI at the pioneer is very easy, but you can just call them. Just for a fixed installation system, such details should be used.

The user with the free PC software ‘Navgate Feeds’ can create own POIs. To do this, you can select its targets on Google maps and copy via USB stick or SD card to the device. Also, you can evaluate its own driving style when it comes to economic efficiency with NavGate feeds and evaluate. However you must deposit the vehicle data on the GPS again.

iPhone contacts as special targets

Specifically for iPhone users the app NavGate feeds is also recommended. Hereby contacts from the iPhone as a POI can be included to store photo and control. To use this option, you must first download the free software on the app store on the iPhone.

The map view taken with a very good overview, though she looks slightly more compared with the iGo on competing products because of the missing, 3-D buildings. For this there is and you can see in a row still the right road at several turns.

At night you must not give up this overview, the calculated route is shown very contrasty. Tip: Especially on long journeys it is advisable, at the 3-D view the map on a kilometre to zoom out – so the overview is significantly better.

Important turns already exposed by the signpost display and a bird 2-D map. Who but wants to switch back from the map view the destination entry, is reminiscent of painful way the missing return button in the touch screen – you have to press the home Hardkey.

For the guidance, the turns are announced by a women’s voice, which sounds although sometimes somewhat bumpy, but says also street names thanks to text-to-speech. The announcement could come like some early urban; several streets follow one another, one should not too fast on the road be dear, because otherwise there is a risk to drive past the target.

In addition, the lane Assistant and the signpost display help to stay on the right track. Especially the signpost display like this with a very large display. Should you have forgotten his glasses, one should refer to still the signs.

The display features also a bar graph, so a diminishing beams, in particular on the highway the distance to the next exit well estimate allows you to.

The pioneer AVIC-F9210BT route quality was good, on our test drives, we have always been on the right track. However, you get served the best route not always on right off the bat. I’m glad that there’s the multimedia route function, which like proposes various routes such as Navigons MyRoute. So you waste his precious time in traffic jams, the pioneer AVIC-F9210BT has a TMC receiver on board.