Pearl Touchlet X 2 GPS in the Practice Test

An Android tablets for 170 euros? This is only possible with compromises! The practice test shows where you need to turn a blind eye to the Touchlet x 2

The electronic mailers Pearl, traditionally known for cheap goods away from the well-known brands, enriches the growing range of Android Web tablets to a low-budget model. While over 500 euro are due for a Samsung Galaxy tablet, there are the simplest of the Touchlet X 2 for less than half. From 170 euro, we go, if you want the device with GPS receiver will pay 200 euros and receives even a navigation software for Germany. For 250 euros, there’s the package with navigation for all of Europe.

Clear: At these prices, you must take compromises . For example, when the touch screen. Acts with its resolution of 800 x 480 pixels on short distance something coarse and reflects also quite strong. The display measures 17.4 centimeters on the diagonal, is legible so that even from half a meter away and makes the Touchlet X 2 to the surfing Tablet for the sofa. That the display on soft pressure rather than on mere contact reacts, is bearable but not quite as elegant but good.

Even if the computing power the Touchlet can’t keep up with la iPad with high-tech models a. Paper is a 800 processor with 256 MB of SDRAM. In everyday life with the Touchlet, this means smaller latencies. At the main menu, this is a tight second, text input resulted in the test part small trailers. It can live. What more serious: the test finishes the Touchlet occasionally unsolicited applications.

Android 2.2 without Google services

Android 2.2, which has been slimmed down but is used here. So all of the Google services are missing, starting with Google maps, mail and calendar services to YouTube. Even the Android market with additional software is missing. As an alternative, an “App Center” can be found. Behind the portal Android-pit, offering his app. Also, Google maps is missing however. Practical: Click and buy, PayPal or even voucher codes to choose from are as payment options.

Google is missing, but there are things that we miss otherwise: As a task manager to monitor the active applications or a File Manager, the directories on the device or an optional memory card (MicroSD) browse settle with the. The Internet is via wireless LAN. Who wants to apart from Wi-FI access points in the network, can tap the data connection on his cell phone via Bluetooth. Or a UMTS-sticks on the tablet can connect directly to the built-in USB connector. As navigation software Pearl attaches the appropriate packages of SD with maps from NAVTEQ – however on CD, the software must then be played over the PC on the Touchlet.

The processing is fine, the Touchlet X 2 comes in a solid processed enclosure with soft-touch surface. The 398 grams heavy WebPad, it gives the necessary grip in the hand. The controls respond to all of them with a clear pressure point. Pearl also immediately offers a whole range of accessories around the Touchlet, by the the protective bag to the car holder.

In everyday life are still minor inconsistencies, that life is but: the manual is extremely brief and the slot for the MicroSD card is called the common in Europe no longer term TF (TransFlash). While the screen orientation in deeper levels of menu adjusts automatically, depending on whether one believes that the Touchlet in the landscape or portrait, main menu and home screen remain always in landscape mode. The home screen can be by the way as Android usual with shortcuts to major functions.

Conclusion: For fans of the technology budget

For 170 euros, you can expect No real iPad alternative . That the display is not the rage, so that one can live. Heavier weigh the regular crashes of individual applications. Thus the Touchlet rather for tech-savvy spenders, that a certain life of its own, give the Android tablet is recommended. That no Google services are installed, might like some even. The surfers on the sofa, look at movies on the way in the car or just as a digital picture frame