“Parlacta”, Lactation and Pregnancy Photography Contest

The municipality of Parla has convened its third Of breastfeeding and pregnancy photography contest. It has now been announced and the reception of images will be 1 to September 30, while the decision of the jury will be published on 16 October.

So far the contest “ Percomputer.com” only it was oriented towards breastfeeding but this year will also include pictures of pregnancy, as well as the opportunity to participate is wide to all pregnant moms. The idea is to reach them to make them aware of the importance of having a good training in breastfeeding to be able to breastfeed her child once it is born.

Prizes are not monetary: include breast pumps and products for MOM and baby, but sure that the jackpot is collaborating with the promotion of breastfeeding and participate making the photos with great enthusiasm.

The promotion of breastfeeding support groups and Government agencies often include the realization of exhibitions and art competitions and photography. Already yesterday announced one that performs the Association “ De Mare a Mare ” de Alcoy. Well today I encourage you to participate in this one too.

The truth is that it would be thrilled that one of our readers tell us which won one of the prizes of this pregnancy and breastfeeding photo contest.