Opera Mini Is Updated with a Native Adblock

The version 16 of Opera Mini comes with one of the most popular features in recent times, block ads in native way, without extensions. There are studies that say that advertising can consume up to 79% of your mobile data, or they steal up to 80% of the time of navigation by loading waits, as he checked the New York Times.

It is only a small update but it is the most important single Opera Mini browser has received since the Video Boost option was added to optimize data consumption when playing video. Because the adblock isn’t the only novelty that just offer to its users.

To activate this new feature, only thing you need to do is follow the path Setup–> saving data–> block advertising. From that moment is activated automatically, no need to restart the application. And you can see the result in these two images of Xataka Android, with and without the banner ad.

Create direct links to the desktop and other improvements

The other big news from Opera Mini 16 is something as simple as the possibility of adding shortcuts to specific web pages to desktop the smartphone or tablet with two clicks, from the bookmarks drop-down. It is something that all the browsers, but developers do not usually give a privileged position and rather tends to be hidden in the general menu.

There are some more changes, as the button arrow “next page” from the navigation menu has been replaced by a blade to stop charging, new animations of load that accompany a faster setup process, clues to explain briefly how to get the new features or a touch-up optional news selector on the homepage default browser.

As always, at Opera know that great opportunity to Mini is to find users with low power or connection resources. The adblock is a reference directly, nothing better to save data to ease the burden. And shortcuts are also going in that direction since one of its uses is to avoid that the owners of smartphones with low storage installed applications that are also available in web version.

Opera Mini Version 16

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Opera
  • Download: Google play