Oneplus X in Ceramics Still Available in November

OnePlus has managed to win the hearts of some smartphone fans since April 2014. The exclusivity with which the OnePlus One was marketed at the time made it so fast that the brand itself became world-famous within a few weeks. Only one’s own website could get one of the desired smartphone. Of course this only happened if you had a corresponding invitation. The OnePlus One is only available without invitation since February this year. You can also buy the new model, the OnePlus Two. The current smartphone from China, however, is soon to get a noble co-worker in addition to the OnePlus X.

Invitations For The New Version Of The Oneplus X

OnePlus announced that a new version of the OnePlus X should be released as of November 24th.

The special feature of this version is that it is equipped with various elements made of ceramics and is thus given a particularly noble design. As we are already accustomed to by OnePlus, the new version of the OnePlus X is only available in limited quantities. Just 10,000 copies are supposed to be available. The middle class smartphone will go before December over the digital charge counter.The Chinese smartphone manufacturer itself had confirmed this via Twitter. This is especially good news for the users, who already wanted to get the OnePlus X and unfortunately no device got more.However, you should be synonymous here on Zack. Like the OnePlus One, the ceramic smartphone is also to be sold through the system of invitations.

Oneplus X: With Ceramic Also A Higher Price

The joy of the incoming buyers of the new OnePlus model is a bit tarnished by the much higher price. But who wants to sell must be able to argue. OnePlus can not be asked twice and explains the complex manufacturing process down to the last detail. Even the processing of the raw material for the ceramics should last 25 days. The sand is finally transferred to a 1,480 °C hot oven for 28 hours, where it is then obtained as a finished ceramic its enormous hardness. We must admit that this is a very demanding process that can justify the price. Whether it was really necessary to replace the black glass elements of the OnePlus X with ceramic, be times adjusted. 100 euros more is the new version of the OnePlus X, which is 369 euros. But for a good middle-class smartphone, this price is actually in the appropriate range.

A precise time at which the sale of the new OnePlus X is to be launched is not yet known. However, you can assume that OnePlus will not overload your nerves for a long time.