On a Journey of Discovery in The Magnificent Nature of Alaska

On a Journey of Discovery in The Magnificent Nature of Alaska

This trip takes you all the way into the heart of the Alaska wilderness where you can see the impressive glaciers, look for wild bears, hike in the beautiful scenery, see whales and kayak. A fantastic wilderness adventure!

Alaska is best described by the words vast, beautiful and rich wildlife. Here are large open landscapes and magnificent nature to explore. You can track black bears by the Kenai Fjord, hike along the glaciers, see whales, eat freshly caught salmon and paddle sea kayaks between the icebergs. See proexchangerates to learn more about USA.

In Alaska, the dream of gold is still alive. During your stay you can see local gold diggers along the rivers or meet them at the local bar. Living in Alaska is tough, and you can get an insight into the lives of locals at the local pub over a beer.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia and arrival in Anchorage

Departure from Scandinavia to Anchorage with arrival the same day. You will be picked up at the airport and driven to your hotel in Anchorage.

Day 2: On a voyage of discovery in Anchorage

You have all day to explore Anchorage. We recommend a visit to the Alaska Aviation Museum, Alaska Native Heritage Center or that you go on a bear safari in Katmai National Park. You can also buy hiking equipment in the many shops.

Day 3: Anchorage to Homer (360 km)

After breakfast, you can check out of your hotel and pick up your rental car. As soon as you leave Anchorage, you will be surrounded by Alaska’s beautiful scenery. The journey to Homer takes you through the Chugach National Forest and the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, where there are good chances to see both moose and bears. It is possible to make many stops on this scenic tour of the Kenai Peninsula. At Cooper Landing, for example, you can try rafting. When you arrive in Homer, go to your hotel and check in. Melt the day’s beautiful drive at the local bar Salty Dawg Saloon.

Day 4: On a journey of discovery in and around Homer

You have all day to explore the dramatic landscape around Homer. If you are lucky, you will see black bears in and outside the city and killer whales in the bay. You can also go on bear and whale safaris, paddle sea kayaks among playful sea otters or hike in the beautiful nature surrounded by fjords and snow-capped mountains. You can also fish or explore the village by bike if you are looking for a more relaxing activity.

Day 5: Homer to Seward (272 km)

Today the trip goes to Seward. The coastal town of Seward is known for its spectacular mountains and beautiful fjords. There are good opportunities for both land and water activities, wilderness excursions and other trips. You can also go hiking in the area around Seward on your own.

Day 6: On adventures in and around Seward

You have all day to explore the area on your own. We recommend taking a boat trip in Kenai Fjord National Park, where you can see killer whales, otters and seals, and to visit either the Aialik Glacier or Holgate in the southern part of the park. You can also hike on the Exit Glacier or kayak in the fjord. In town you will find lots of good fish restaurants, but remember to take the road past Reds Burger in Seward, where you can enjoy your meal in an old school bus.

Day 7: Seward to Palmer (272 km)

Today the trip goes via Hatcher Pass to Palmer. In Independence Mine State Historical Park, you can learn more about Alaska’s most successful mines, which closed in 1955. In addition, there are excellent hiking trails around Hatcher Pass.

Day 8: Palms to Valdez (432 km)

You continue your journey towards the charming port city of Valdez at Prince William Sound. If you are an animal lover, this is the place to go. Here you can see sea otters, sea lions, porpoises, killer whales, mountain goats, bears, waders, sea eagles and sometimes humpback whales. On the way to Valdez you will see large waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and large glaciers. The drive is therefore an experience in itself, with the opportunity for lots of scenic stops and short hikes.

Day 9: On a voyage of discovery in and around Valdez

Go on a day trip in a sea kayak to the Columbia Glacier in Prince William Sound or go on a wilderness excursion to see the area’s many wildlife.

Day 10: Valdez to Fairbanks (586 km)

Today, a longer drive to Fairbanks awaits. Fairbanks is known as the “Golden Heart City” because of its friendly locals. The city was founded in 1901 after finding gold, which attracted many to move here. Today, Fairbanks is a cozy town with cafes and local galleries in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. In the summer, be prepared that the sun does not set, and that it is bright around the clock.

Day 11: On a journey of discovery in Fairbanks

Spend the day just the way you want. Take a day trip to the Arctic Circle, ride a steamboat on the Chena River or shop at one of the city’s shopping malls.

Day 12: Fairbanks to Denali National Park (200 km)

Today the trip goes to Denali National Park. You can explore the huge national park from land. Along the way you will pass the microbrewery 49th State Brewing Co., which in addition to beer also offers traditional American food. Here you can also see the bus used in the movie “Into The Wild”. Start with a visit to the national park’s head office, where you can find out if activities are organized in the area and learn about the park’s history.

Day 13: On an adventure in Denali National Park

You can book a seat on the old school bus (not included, feel free to book from home) which runs along the 148 kilometer long gravel road Park Road. It is only allowed to drive the first 22.5 kilometers in your own car. There is plenty of hiking and fantastic nature experiences in and around the park. Keep in mind that there are plenty of wildlife, such as grizzly bears, moose and reindeer. We recommend that you take a scenic flight over Denali National Park. Soaring high above and looking down at the huge glaciers is an incredible nature experience. Here, nature dominates, and this is a definite highlight of your trip to Alaska.

Day 14: Denali National Park to Anchorage (379 km)

From Denali, the journey goes back to Anchorage. Stop for lunch in the cozy town of Talkeetna. Here you can also go on a scenic flight over Denali National Park, and land on a glacier. You can also stop at stunning views, such as Mount Mckinley, the highest mountain in North America, on the way to Anchorage. When you arrive in Anchorage, leave your car and go to your hotel.

Day 15: Departure Anchorage

After two weeks in Alaska, the journey home. The time depends on when your flight departs. You can choose to extend your trip with a stop in New York or a sun vacation in Hawaii.

Day 16: Arrival in Scandinavia

Arrival in Scandinavia. Arrival time to Scandinavia depends on the airline.

Overnight stays

Fourteen nights in a hotel, lodge and B&B.

On a Journey of Discovery in The Magnificent Nature of Alaska