Omate X, the Smartwatch That Wants to Compete with Elegance

Definitely, smartwatch is becoming a gadget that more and more companies want in their catalogs, all trying to offer products focused on certain segments of the market, so we have seen several designs, whether equipped with Android Wear, or with operating system Owner , intended for physical activity, those who are independent of our mobile and the now non-existent iWatch.

As we see, the competition is interesting and nobody wants to stay out, that’s how the company Omate returns to the scene to present its new smart watch, the Omate X, which unlike its previous device, the Omate TruSmart, it seeks to be only one Accessory that depends on our smartphone.

A watch that goes well with iOS and Android

Omate is a company that was born in Kickstarter last year when they introduced their first device, the Omate TruSmart, which was offered as an option equipped with Android and 3G data connection independent of our mobile;But this time, they want to target the segment that seeks a premium design, but sacrificing the data connection, and is that according to them, the user looking for design, will not bother that your clock depends on the smartphone.

This is how Omate X will focus on notifications where it is committed to an operating system of its own called Nucleus , to make it compatible from Android 4.3 and iOS 6. Its design is elegant and colorful, betting on aluminum in materials And with certainly attractive technical specifications according to COMPUTERMINUS.

We have a curved screen mounted on a TFT touch panel of 1.54 inches with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels , inside we find a Mediatek MT2502A processor with 128MB in RAM and a battery of 400 mAh, with which the manufacturer promises a range up to 7 days at rest.

On the other hand, the Omate X will be connected to our smartphone through Bluetooth version 4.0, to receive notifications of our installed services, calls, messages, control music, among many other options. In addition, we can operate the smartphone and some functions of the clock through voice commands, and even use it as hands-free to answer calls. In addition, it will be possible to install applications dedicated to collect information about our physical activity, as it also has an accelerometer, gyroscope and pedometer.

The Omate X will be available from September 1 for deliveries during October of this year, and its price will be $ 129, price for other attractive and with which they think to compete in an aggressive way in this complicated market, even the company Has been in contact with those who supported them last year at Kickstarter, to offer them exclusive Omate X for $99.

Now it will have to be seen in operation, since the truth looks pretty good to be true, although on the other hand, it is strange the compatibility with 3G connections outside the mobile.