OkCupid Suggests Boycott of Firefox by Homophobic Stance of New CEO

A week ago, Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and one of the creators of Mozilla, has been chosen as the new CEO of the company responsible for Firefox. No one doubts his competence to take over, but Eich has been criticized for its homophobic stance: he, in 2012, donated to Prop 8, American initiative against gay marriage, and the politicians who supported it.

Last week, Mozilla’s employees demonstrated their dissatisfaction with the choice of CEO and even asked in several tweets with kilos of the company and the CEO, he was fired:

OkCupid, dating site also entered the fray. Today, a message was published that appears to anyone who tries to access the site using Firefox in which the team explains that the CEO of the company behind the browser is against gay marriage, so she suggests you use another browser, a clear boycott of Firefox.

We dedicated the last 10 years to bring people – all people. If individuals like Mr. Eich were right, then about 8% of relationships that work so hard to help build would be illegal, said a statement piece. OkCupid creates love. Those who seek to deny love and instead force the suffering, shame and frustration are our enemies, and do not wish them nothing but failure. Then there are the links to the download other browsers to access OkCupid.

The message, in full and in English, is this:

Mozilla has already expressed about the controversy: on 29 March, posted a statementclaiming that, as a company, is in favor of equality and gay marriage, but not all employees are – and there are no problems with it (!) “always thought that as long as you respect others and be aware of our greater mission, will be welcome. The Mozilla community is made ​​of people who have very different personal beliefs working in a common cause, which is the free and open internet. This is a very rare and special thing. ”

In other words, it appears that relying on the Mozilla, Brendan Eich – and others also prejudice that may be within the company – will not come soon…