Nubert Speaker NuBox 681 + Center

The bass chassis and midrange of Nubert nuBox 681 (980 euros the pair) are almost unbreakable through judicious choice of parameters.

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An encounter with the nuBox 681 formative works in many ways. Key figures like 96 litres of gross volume or 310 Watts nominal power handling give an idea that the top model of the Nubertschen one dough erbauen series price related offers unusually high use of materials.

Despite its headquarters in Baden-Württemberg, the 681 is not a thoroughly Swabian product. The development is 100 percent, but most of the value creation (housing construction, installation, final inspection) is a Polish specialists.

Who senses thrift, find them jobs processed and often less sensitive than real wood or lacquer in the 681 in the area of housing, are like cheap furniture with plastic film.

Technically, the great nuBox on reliability is trimmed. The chassis of bass and midrange drivers are almost unbreakable through judicious choice of parameters. A crossover which every homebrewers freeze in awe can controls the rest. Network subject to permit takes time and omnidirectional on Studio level and saves voice coil life if unreasonable heavy handed pilots to test the ambitious limits too much.

The use of the materials is unique in this class

Nubert always in tip-top condition was due to the design, if it was considered, to keep track of when loud and complex sounds. The Yello boxes killer “The Race” was with her to the race for the biggest fun factor and the kantigsten bass, where the Nubert ultimately before the jamo in the target.

The much daintier, chancenlose coarse dynamic against the Nubert audio physic sounded audio monitor however space more precisely, filigree. But the neutral nuBox nowhere revealed serious weaknesses 681 so you can recommend them warmly pointed computational operators with high level requirements.

The corresponding Center: Nubert nuBox CS 411

Measuring stand box and Center in the listening room is so revealing, because with her the entire energy radiated to all corners be detected via reflections. The curves are determined with third tape hiss and smoothed to keep accidents the boxes – and microphone position from the result.

The inclusion of the Center is designed to help readers of the selection of boxes set, for pure stereo users, it is not relevant. The color box “Sound harmony” stands for the General harmony between Center and box. The field of “Headroom” measures the balance of power. “Green” means “Center to cope with higher level as stand box”, yellow “Center can keep up”, red “Center is dynamically weaker than stand box”. Nubert CS 411 generated largely similar sounds such as the State box. Despite significantly lower membrane area, he grew almost equally extreme levels.

Nubert NuBox 681

Manufacturer Nubert
Price €980.00
Rating 51.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Width 24.5 cm
Height 115.0 cm
Depth 34.0 cm
Weight: 32.0 kg
Installation tip: free-standing, distance from 3 m, differently-damped rooms up to 50 m²
Measured values
Operating voltage for 90 dB SPL 3.2 V
Impedance minimum stp 3.3 ohms
Maximum volume upper value 109 dB
Maximum volume lower value (> 45 Hz) 109 dB
Lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 44 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 35 Hz
Short conclusion Large-volume two and a half way box with Atypically elaborate Assembly, place filter and abundant membrane surface. Acts very mature and confident, even with complex biter
Sound Top-class
Naturalness 10
Fine resolution 9
Border dynamics 11
Bass quality 11
Figure 10
Sound points (70 points) 51
Measured values 8
Practice 7
Valency 5
Overall rating (max. 120 points) good – very good 71
Price / performance outstanding
tested in output 2 / 10