Not Allo Is The Successor of Hangouts, Both Messaging Services Will Coexist as Separate

After the announcement of the new application called Google Messaging Allo was inevitable to wonder about the future of Hangouts, If I was going to be replaced by Allo or two Google messaging services are independent.

Well, Google has already resolved our questions, and the second thing is, they are two totally different products, therefore both messaging services will coexist at the same time. Hangouts will continue their way to receive improvements and innovations.

Allo was born as an experiment in Google in the same way that almost two years ago he was born Inbox. Nick Fox, Executive in charge of communications at Google, challenged a year ago Google developers to create the perfect messaging application, and they departed desdedesde zero creating Allo.

The messaging application Allo It was created to demonstrate to the world the potential of artificial intelligence of Google integrating its new virtual assistant, offering smart answers and new ways of expressing themselves in a chat.

Allo is not the successor of Hangouts because they are two different products. Hangouts is a messaging service available on computers and mobile devices cloud that requires a Google account to function, integrated into Gmail and is a powerful communication tool for professionals. On the other hand Allo is only available on mobile phones and requires only our mobile number to operate.

Allo will compete against WhatsApp y Hangouts against Facebook Messenger, Although it seems that Google still lacks present their third application of messaging, the next version of Messenger compatible with standard RCS (the operators WhatsApp). Google wants to offer different messaging services to discover that it is what we like for each service. Perhaps the day in which to launch a new messaging service unified with the best of all your applications again comes.