NF Cable Summer Cable Excelsior Classique RCA4

Sonically, that played summer cable Excelsior Classique RCA4 (400 euros per stereo pair) with deep bass.

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Summer cable is known from the professionals. According to the motto “what’s good for the professionals must also work in the home system” wants you to mix with Excelsior’s new series now also the home-HiFi and HighEnd area. The Badener chose a coaxial construction with silver plated copper inner conductor, silver-plated minus-head braid plus copper braid as additional shielding. The plugs are quite large and place claiming.

The Excelsior on the home system with Linn Linto and Bryston amplifiers played phonetically something loud bass enough with deep felt. Also the Accuphase KEF chain sounded stronger and formed off the stage slightly wider than about with cheaper cables.

Summer cable Excelsior class RCA4

Manufacturer Summer cable
Price €400.00
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Length 0.5-3.0 meters
Plug HICON gold-plated RCA plug
Building Coax cable
Outer conductor insulation fabric reinforced PVC
Inner conductor insulation solid and foamed PE
Material and type of the inner conductor silver-plated copper-inner conductor
Material and type of shielding 2 x cross braided copper + 1 x silver plated cross braid
Measured values
Series inductance 0 µH / m
Series Inductivity 446.0 nH / m
Series resistance 34.9 mOhm /.
Parallel capacity 51 pF / m
Parallel drainage 0.0060 µS / m
Cable impedance 92.0 ohm
Quite balanced and bass-heavy sound. Punchy without aggressiveness.
Might sound a little tangy, need space for the installation.
Audio predicate
tested in issue: 7 / 10