NF Cable Audioquest King Cobra

The Audioquest King Cobra (EUR 230 per stereo pair) suitable also to bridge longer cable distances.

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It had to have a beauty prize, the Audioquest would be a candidate for the “next top model”. The dark red/black sheath or the plug held in the same shade of red with silver plated contact surfaces: the King Cobra looks simply terrific. But also in the Interior of America, nothing was left to chance: three solid conductors made of copper, packed in individual tubes made of polyethylene (PE) and thus partly Air-insulated, provide very good readings. The King Cobra is also suitable to bridge longer cable distances.

The good impression continued in the listening passages. No matter which system: unstrained, dynamic, clear – with high-frequency-rich pop plays however minimal harsh the Audioquest.

Audioquest King Cobra

Manufacturer Audioquest
Price €230.00
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Length 1.0 m
Plug RCA with silver plated contact surfaces
Building parallel symmetrical
Outer conductor insulation
Inner conductor insulation
Material and type of the inner conductor three conductors are made of solid PSC copper in single tubes made of polyethylene
Material and type of shielding PVC outer sheath with mesh netting
Measured values
Series inductance 0 µH / m
Series Inductivity 614,0 nH / m
Series resistance 62.0 mOhm /.
Parallel capacity 69 pF / m
Parallel drainage 0,0120 µS / m
Cable impedance 90.2 ohm
Musically balanced cable that convinced all test facilities.
May sound harsh in certain plants with bright music.
Audio predicate
tested in issue: 7 / 10