Nexus One, Video with a 3D Benchmark and Quality Image Gallery

It is always tasteful receive multimedia information about the terminal more expected, if it is of good quality, better than better, on this occasion I share with you a gallery of images of the Nexus One, and a video in which we can see running the benchmark Neocore Qualcomm.

The result of the test is difficult to assess, since despite having achieved similar numbers to which you can see in one HTC Magic, We must bear in mind that it is moving information with more than double points on screen, due to the WVGA resolution of the Nexus One. I hope that soon prepare updated tests to compare the new chipsets for devices.

Along with this video has released another ten minutes in which can be seen with clarity the user interface and applications in perfect French, again highlighting the colorful and definition of your screen, unfortunately It has disappeared from YouTube and am hoping to return to see the light to share already available video (thanks hubie):

I leave then with a comparative video I made with this same benchmark in which appear the Magic HTC and Samsung Galaxy:

What is interesting is we find an extensive gallery of images with a decent quality, it can see details such as the miniatures of the different desktops in the purest style Cards of Palm webOS or resident applications.

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