Nexus One, Now Is Also The “BlackBerry Killer”?

It may be just the rumor of a Saturday morning, but it seems that the One the name of the new superphone (as Google calls it putting it for some reason above ordinary smartphones) it is not in vain.

Once “attacked” the iPhone with the Nexus One It seems that a hypothetical Nexus do Two? It would incorporate physical keyboard and go directed clearly to the professional segment and monoculture in the same of BlackBerry where the percentage in the business market in the United States is approaching 75%.

The source that I could find is somewhat diffuse, through SlashGear to quote an interview guru Walt Mossberg the Vice President of Google Andy Rubin.

Let him therefore in the field of the hypothesis, but if true this can further complicate the picture of the phones socket of Google “pata negra” with its partners so far. In the initial moments was to think that this Nexus One wouldn’t be more than a new version of development as it was the G1 at the time.

But now it appears that if the Nexus It is the beginning of a range of phones all may “complicate”. What you think Motorola that began to breathe with your Droid/Milestone of a Nexus with keyboard?