Nexus 5-Rumor Is Back on Track

A usually well-informed Twitter user with a penchant to leak smartphones, shot a rumor about the new Nexus-mobile down. Now, however, there is consensus again.

First was rumored the Smiths well on the way to bring a new Nexus-smartphone from Google on the pitch with the LG as a manufacturer, then it was rejected by a normally well-informed Twitter user, but now sees all seem to agree.

The conclusion is that LG is going to be Google’s hardware partner for Nexus 5, and that the work is already close to being completely in goal and ready for launch.

It all began with the above image from Google’s disclosure of KitKat-statue which symbolises the next Android version (Android 4.4 KitKat).

Speculation about a new Nexus-smartphone began to accelerate, and was shortly followed up by the below image and information from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

The eye-catching cutout for camera lens match on the two images, and it had therefore many to conclude that LG stands behind hardware and not Google’s own mobile manufacturer, Motorola.

However, this was shot down by the usually so informed Twitter user @oursite, which has revealed a number of upcoming smartphone products.

First, he announced that LG D820 is just a new version of LG’s G2-mobile, which works for the so-called CDMA networks. Now shooting @oursite its own announcement down.

-“Glad to be able to announce that it appears that I was mistaken on LG D820/D821 …”, it sounds in “our site”.

Information from the FCC reveals incidentally objectives 131.9 x 68.2 mm and a screen size of just under 5 “.