New Plan 15 for Freelancers and Companies from Vodafone

Vodafone still cataloging their rates for freelancers and company According to the consumption of the clients and has now chosen to complement the options of those who consume less.

In the line of his current Plan 15 to continue offering a monthly minimum consumption of €15 /linea national calls by 16 cents per minute, calls internal 3 cents per minute and calls to the followers of the company by 1 cent/minute, offers two new modalities:

The new one Plan more 15 fixed It provides for a monthly fee of 15 euros and without minimum consumption associated with so-called free calls to national office (postal code) and the fixed mobile wherever you are.

On the other hand also launched the Plan more 15 Extension, which, for a fee of 15 euros and without minimum consumption offers free calls to fixed national from the office area and calls internal and favourite (Vodafone or fixed) chosen by the company that is also free. In addition, optionally be may contract for 5 euros more per month the fixed mobile to always carry it with you.

The price per minute the rest of calls with the new plans more 15 will be 16 cents and 15 cents of call set-up.

Thus, the current offer of Vodafone for companies and freelancers summarized according to the average consumption of the user that can be 15, 25, 40, 60 and 80€ associated with different price per minute that will be reduced to increase the commitment for the minimum consumption and to which you can add profits according to the customer’s needs.

Unfortunately and despite the fact that any improvement is appreciated, Vodafone It still does not offer benefits that allow you to make free calls to any destination during non business hours as if it offers Orange long.