New Mobile Processor with the Entire 10 Pips Launched

The manufacturer behind the mobile chipset, Mediatek, presents a new processor for smartphones and tablets with nothing less than 10 pips.

The development of processors for smartphones and tablets goes fast. It is not many years ago, processors with two cores were normal.

Now put the Taiwanese manufacturer, Mediatek, earnest push in development after yesterday having presented a processor with the entire 10 pips. It writes Anandtech.

The new processor goes under the name of Helio X 20 and is the second in the series in the X-series after Helio X 10 (initially known as MT6795), which is able to record slow motion with the entire 480 frames per second. What Helio X 20 so are capable of, we can only predict.

On the other hand, what is certain is the construction of the new processor. Now you need to get used to the concept of deca-core, as processors with 10 cores goes under.

Helio X 20 is not only divided into 2 different groups of nuclei, as one sees in the current top models-no, there are actually 3 of them here.


The first 4 cores of Cortex A53-type, which is also to be found in the old processors both from Qualcomm with its Snapdragon processors, Samsung with its Exynos processors and Huawei with its HiSilicon-processor in the latest Huawei P8.

These 4 cores running at a clock speed at 1.4 GHz, which will run under the absolute lowest load and when it comes to saving power.

The next 4 cores are also of the same Cortex A53-type, but here is the speed a little screwed up to 2.0 GHz and will therefore run, when there is a need for significantly more processing power for e.g. games, browsing and larger tasks.

The big difference in Helio X 20 is the last 2 cores, called the Cortex A72. This new type of core is almost twice as fast as the aforementioned Cortex A53. These two cores running on nothing less than 2.5 GHz and are therefore able to deliver the ultimate processing power and is not just to high, according to MediaTek, but extreme performance.

If you go and dream about this new processor in your next smartphone, however, you need to arm yourself with a little patience.

Mediatek tells to your presentation that you expect to keep the processor on the market for 1. quarter of 2016, and there is no great tradition on the European market in order to make use of MediaTeks processors.