New ASUS Fonepad From 32 GB to 1.6 GHz CPU With Medfield

ASUS presented yesterday in Taiwan a new version of its Fonepad, with improved processor (1.2 GHz Atom Z2420 to Atom processor Z2460 to 1.6 GHz), and internal memory doubled. Today we are able to show you the first images of tablets and its interface, which confirm obviously all these features. We also take a look at different benchmarks of this new Fonepad, that not just can soar, placing it on a good level, but certainly not excelled.

Ust to give a comparison with a similar pattern but far more known, the Nexus 7, you’ll find a small table with the scores obtained by two tablets side by side, and you will find how Google’s model can prevail in each test:

Quadrant Antutu 3D mark ice storm 3D mark ice storm extreme
Nexus 7 3703 12141 3545 1863
Fonepad 3544 10649 2297 1155

Anyway Fonepad is a pattern more tense to ductility that performance, the comparison with Nexus 7 serves primarily to give you a yardstick and make it clear that despite the change of processor there was hardly a generational leap.

We will keep you informed of course about the arrival of this version of the Fonepad in our country, but for now we have to offer you only the images after the jump.