Netflix Will Become More Expensive, Including Brazil

The president of Netflix announced that the signature will become more expensive in the coming months, including for clients based in Brazil. Reed Hastings said the high will be somewhere between one and two dollars. Currently, the signing of Brazilian Netflix goes for R $ 16.90 per month. In the worst case (high $ 2), the streaming series and movies would R $ 21.50 for new customers (considering the exchange Tuesday).

Netflix’s office in Brazil confirmed to our site the increase for the coming months, but denied it had closed the value of future signature.

Reed Hastings said yesterday (21), during the presentation of financial results of the company, the change applies only to future customers. Those who already have a subscription will continue paying the current value “by a generous time,” according to the executive.

Okay, increased $ 2 is hardly absurd. But still, it will put Netflix at a disadvantage compared to the Hulu Plus in the United States. The difference is that the latter charges a monthly subscription and also shows ads between episodes of sitcoms, practice ruled by Netflix.

Still speaking of the 2 dollars, the amount would be enough for a netizen sign the Google Drive package entitling to 100 GB to save files. That is, the Internet economy is not as if the value was negligible.

For such an increase? Netflix intends to invest more in production of own content. Just remember the success of House of Cards, a political drama that recently came to the second season. The success of the production can be explained by the data collection made ​​by Netflix. They know what people watch, what they like, when you skip a scene, and how many stars have for an episode. In possession of so much information, they are able to produce minutely calculated content to entertain or thrill. HBO, for example, does not have such a feature.

It seems that it has become fashionable to invest in own productions geared for video on demand (on demand or VOD). Sony plans to release episodes series for your virtual store. The pay TV European Sky also has the same intention. At the forefront of this business, it was the turn of Netflix ask for more money for future series.

Regarding financial results, the video content does not have to complain about service. The gains in the first quarter were $ 53 million, compared to a profit of only $ 2.7 million in the same period of 2013. Worldwide are 48 million subscribers. Americans account for 36 million customers who pay monthly to Netflix. Sought by this curious reporter, Brazilian Netflix did not report the number of subscribers in the country. They said they are more than 1 million customers in Latin America.