Netflix Launches Family Plan for R $ 25.90 in Brazil

Starting today, users of Netflix in Brazil can migrate their accounts to the family plan. As we advanced in April, it costs R $ 25.90 per month and allows up to four people towatch movies and series simultaneously, double the normal plan, which allows a maximum of two accesses using the same account and after the recent adjustment spent cost R $ 16.90 per month.

To migrate, simply enter Netflix, click the menu Your account and then click Change plan. On the page, select the second option, which will entitle the video streams on up to four different devices at the same time. Apparently, this is the only way to sign the family plan at the time: as the American site, it does not appear on the homepage or in promotional materials.

The use of one account by several people can be a problem, after all, Netflix suggests content based on what you watch. So, if you share the account with your little child, do not be surprised when the service recommend you watch Chicken Pintadinha or Barney .This inconvenience should be solved with multiple profiles feature, which has no date to arrive.

In the US, the family plan Netflix costs US $ 11.90, almost the same price charged in Brazil. The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, does not believe that it causes decrease in revenue or something: in a meeting with investors, he revealed that he expects only 1% of American subscriber base migrate to the new plan.