NameTag, Application Mobile That Identify Strangers through Social Networks

I had to get. Social networks have become in gigantic data bases that can be tracked in various ways through their APIs and which have given rise to applications appear as NameTag.

This unique tool allows that we take a picture with the phone to another person and that photo is used to perform a search by image of the face for contrast it with millions of images people that are taken from social networks and allow us to identify them.
NameTag servers are responsible for that operation to then offer us all the public information of that person available on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but things are going beyond.

The company responsible for the application, FacialNetwork, wants to take advantage of this capability so that we can know if that person is looking for partner in online dating services like Plenty of Fish or, which are spectacularly popular in the United States.

In fact, their creators also want to include in that database 450,000 entries from the national registry of sexual offenses in the United States, as well as other criminal records It allows to know if the person identified is in these databases.

NameTag and the privacy question

Of course the problem is that this app seems to skip – like others in the past – the barriers of privacy or at least the ethics. Sharing information on the Internet returns to prove to be a practice with certain risks.

Responsible for the tool indicate that users who are interested in staying out of these databases may disable that option in the company’s web site,, and indicate that this tool “is not concerned with invading the privacy of nothing. The idea is to connect people who want to connect with her. “Even allow users have a profile that is visible during business hours, and another that will only be visible in social situations”. A concept least dangerous, I would say.