Motorola Do Not Seem Very Interested in Commit to Monthly Security Patches for Your Moto Z

It seems that this security patch is bringing enough tail, with some manufacturers (the less, unfortunately) pledging to release them and others spending a little or all of this topic. In this case we are going to focus on the star of Motorola, the Moto Z, which is shipped from factory with the may security patch.

It’s funny that terminals coming out of the money and so new as they are on the market (and high-end, eye) did not receive any security patch since he left. As fact, even the Moto X Pure Edition (that is sold in America and little else) has received the may security patch… a few days ago, in mid-July.

According to the review made in ArsTechnica of this terminal, the Moto Z would not receive monthly security patches, While Motorola said that the terminal would soon receive a security fix, that Yes, note that omitted the word “monthly”, with what go you know what patch you will receive and how often you will receive these security updates.

This measure can leave many of its quite unprotected users, as June and July patches contain numerous bug fixes. Why to Motorola don’t want you provide monthly security patches to many of its mobile is a mystery that only know the upper echelons of the company.