Motorola Do Not Have Any Exclusivity in The Manufacture of The Nexus

The acquisition of Motorola Moblity by Google has undoubtedly been the news of the day and possibly the week in the Android world. The news He has raced like wildfire and many have encouraged us to analyse the consequences of the agreement and make assumptions of what may happen in the future.

One of these assumptions was that Motorola had a unique position to create Google as the Nexus range terminals. However Andy Rubin has come to the fore to tell us how to create a Nexus and step clear things: Motorola will not produce exclusively Google devices.

The procedure is thus. Google meets annually with the manufacturers to choose which company will produce the Nexus of that year. First it was HTC with the Nexus One and Samsung with the Nexus S. The acquisition of Motorola will not truncate these plans and whether the American company wants to produce the next Google phone will have to follow this procedure.

Rubin sought to make it clear that the two companies will work separately. Rather than It will transmit enough calm to other companies working with Android and that makes see that Google, despite the acquisition, wants to continue with other manufacturers. Something normal if we consider that Android would not be where it is if it were not for the support that give you big brands such as Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.